Terms of Agreement

Note: To accept the following Terms of Agreement, please scroll right to the bottom of the page. Complete your name and email address, tick the box provided and then click on the ‘submit’ button.


HOTSPACE Renovation Design Plan recommendations are presented by way of an opinion and written report about what to cosmetically do to renovate the property in question. Advice includes colours and finishes for the following; Interior Consultations – walls, doors, flooring, lighting, cabinetry, window furnishings and all other relevant fixtures and fittings; Exterior Consultations – walls, doors, paths/driveway, lighting, gardens and all other relevant fixtures and fittings. Your HOTSPACE Renovation Design Plan provides area-by-area recommendations for (Interior Consultations); kitchen, bathroom/s, toilet, lounge, dining, hallway, bedrooms, laundry, office and other areas as agreed AND/OR; (Exterior Consultations); building exterior/facade, windows, roof, patio/deck areas, yard/gardens, garage and other areas as agreed.

Your Renovation Design Plan may also provide advice and direction about:

  • Colour and finishes samples where necessary and possible
  • Helpful websites
  • Product styles (written and photographic descriptions are provided for indicative purposes) and (occasionally) actual product specifications
  • Sketch plans or details to indicate and clarify suggestions (if necessary)
  • Estimated general costs for your renovation (cosmetic renovations ONLY)
  • Reasonable telephone and email support

HOTSPACE does not provide:

  • Structural advice (any wall removals need to be certified by a local to you, suitably qualified person)
  • Furniture recommendations unless otherwise agreed
  • CAD/Computer generated plans or details
  • Itemised costs or quotes for your renovation
  • Organising, supervising, managing or co-ordinating contractors for the performance of renovation work

Unless an on-site appointment has been arranged, all Renovation Design Plans are prepared with reference to photographs that the client provides and HOTSPACE takes no responsibility for lack of information provided in your Renovation Design Plan due to a lack of photographs of the property being provided. However, we will request further photographs if there is an obvious lack of information.

Completed HOTSPACE Renovation Design Plans are issued by way of a PDF document delivered by email.

All HOTSPACE advice is to be relied upon only to the extent that HOTSPACE will not be liable for any negligence, damages or other claims arising by, through, or in connection with:any increase in the actual price or completion time of renovation work that exceeds HOTSPACE’S estimates;

  • the property being valued, sold or rented for amounts less than that anticipated by HOTSPACE or being sold or rented in any extended timeframe to that stated by HOTSPACE;
  • any works performed by a third party whether or not that third party was introduced to the property by HOTSPACE;
  • any personal injury sustained by any person whilst on the property and in the event of an injury, I release, discharge and indemnify HOTSPACE against all claims by such persons;
  • any latent, structural or other defect (including but not limited to pest and vermin infestation) that is not capable of being ascertained from a laypersons visual inspection of in the property.

Payment for your Renovation Design Plan:

HOTSPACE will not begin your Renovation Design Plan until HOTSPACE receives the agreed deposit payment in full and HOTSPACE will not release your Renovation Design Plan until HOTSPACE receives the agreed balances of payment in full.

To the extent permitted by law, HOTSPACE excludes all warranties, whether express, implied, statutory or otherwise. Where a warranty is implied by law and cannot be excluded, HOTSPACE’s liability for a breach of that warranty and any liability in tort is limited to reimbursement of HOTSPACE’S fees.


If you need to cancel your HOTSPACE Renovation Design Plan for any reason, HOTSPACE will refund your deposit as follows:

  • 30% only of your deposit will be refunded if notification of your cancellation is made 14 working days or more before your booked appointment day
  • Deposits for HOTSPACE Renovation Action Plans cancelled 0-13 working days (inclusive) from your booked appointment day are NON-REFUNDABLE
  • Cancellation must be advised by email to jane@hotspaceconsultants.com


If you wish to postpone your HOTSPACE Design Plan appointment for any reason, the following conditions apply:

  • You may postpone your HOTSPACE Renovation Design Plan appointment without forfeiting your deposit ONLY if postponement is requested 14 working days or more from the date of your original booked appointment AND the new appointment day is within 60 days from the original appointment day
  • Deposits for HOTSPACE Renovation Design Plans postponed 0-13 working days (inclusive) from your booked appointment day are NON-REFUNDABLE
  • Postponement must be requested by email to jane@hotspaceconsultants.com

Please note: Your HOTSPACE Renovation Design Plan cannot be postponed or cancelled once the telephone or on-site appointment has occured. i.e Once the telephone or on-site appointment has occured (where we review the property in detail/discuss questionnaire etc), your HOTSPACE Renovation Design Plan will be completed 100% and the balance of monies owing charged to your credit card accordingly.


It is your responsibility to ensure there is access to the property on the day of the appointment or that all relevant photographs are available in time. I.e a visit by us to your property where there is no internal access or where photographs are not available in time, will result in a loss of deposit.


During the project process and upon completion, you agree to HOTSPACE sharing photos, images, sketches, drawings and plans used and created during the design process on the HOTSPACE website, social media platforms and other third party websites. Your name and specific address will not be shared unless otherwise agreed (suburb only mentioned).