Achieve the Wow-Factor Your Architect Missed

Perfecting & Polishing your New Home or Extension.


Zhoosh-up your New-Build or Extension with an Eye-Popping Facade Design from Hotspace.

You’ve already invested in an architect or draughtsperson to design your new home or extension, but the facade and exterior just doesn’t have the “WOW” factor you were hoping for.

Instead of being excited about the project, you feel disappointment and worry that you’re not going to achieve the outcome you’ve dreamt about for so long.

Don’t worry – we’ll get you back on track to your dream home exterior in no time.

We’ll take your existing plans and elevations, and transform them into a personalised, stunning design that you’ll be proud to call home!

Best of all, we’ll do it without exceeding your original budget, ensuring your new-and-improved facade works seamlessly with your internal layouts and any already-determined product specifications.

** Our service is Australia-wide **



Your new home or extension plans are 90% complete and you're ready to invest in a show-stopping facade and exterior design that excites you, inspires you, and adds significant value to your home

You want your home to stand out (in a good way!) but are unsure which colours & products will yield the best results while staying within your budget.

You have an idea of what you want for your new home or extension, but need help creating a modern, cohesive look that complements your architect's current drawings.

You want an exterior that blends seamlessly with the interior, ensuring a visually stunning indoor-outdoor transition.

What’s possible for your New Home?

…Or Extension?


The outside of your home is the first thing you see whenever you pull into your drive and it reflects your personality & values to the outside world. Don’t risk a look that falls short of everything you’ve dreamt about!

Whether you’re building from scratch or adding a minor extension, now is your chance to get it right.

Here’s what you get;

'New-Facade Design Plan':

  • Receive an easy to understand PDF document (‘New-Facade Design Plan’) detailing our recommended colours, materials, and products, as well as their exact placement on your home (see example HERE)
  • Hand over to your architect or draftsperson for seamless integration into the existing plans, ensuring a unified set of drawings
  • Benefit from clear communication to avoid misunderstandings, saving you time and money on potential errors or adjustments

Full Professional Colour Illustration:

    • A photo-realistic image of your new home or extension, providing a clear visual representation of the final design
    • 100% certainty and confidence in your design choices, allowing you to move forward with the build and invest in your dream home without hesitation

Tailored Assistance:

    • Personalised guidance on any aspect of your exterior design, including colours, cladding, accent materials, roof, trims, window configurations/colours, garage door, front door, fences, driveway, path, landscaping, lighting and more
    • As much or as little help as you need to achieve your desired look
    • Flexibility to work with any existing materials or pre-selected items that must remain in the design
    • Follow our exact specifications (for wall/window/roof colours, cladding, lighting, driveway etc) or source your own local products based on detailed descriptions & photographs (eg: pavers/tiles, landscaping, fencing etc)

Seamless Modifications;

  • Effortless design modifications to accommodate your preferences and requirements, providing maximum flexibility
  • All changes to the design are included in the price, ensuring complete transparency and no hidden fees
  • We are committed to working with you throughout the design process to achieve facade design you absolutely love!

Nervous about working with a designer? 

Fear not! Our one-of-a-kind money-back guarantee has you covered. Find out more here… 


New-Facade Design Plans range from AU$5800+gst – AU$6900+gst. We’ll give you a fixed quote once we’ve seen your plans and had a brief discussion.

Sound good? Simply click the link below, fill out the form, and together we’ll make your home a design dream worth coming home to.