Where are you based?

We are an Australia-wide service covering all areas – Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Darwin and everywhere in between.

All consultations are conducted remotely where you share photographs, plans (if available) and details about your home via email/Dropbox/Google Drive etc.

Every single ‘Before and After’ on our website (including on our gallery page) has been done remotely and without ever setting foot near the homes!

Why Hotspace?

Great facade & exterior design is not just about choosing a nice colour scheme and updating your landscaping (otherwise you end up with the same house; just in a different colour and a tidier yard).

At Hotspace, we design houses differently and we know from years of experience that the most stunning creations result from;

1) a clever blend of new design details (eg Modern, Contemporary, Hamptons, Coastal etc) and existing house features to ensure a beautiful and cohesive transformation that is sympathetic, in a way, to the original style of the home.

2) a stunning combination of neutral colours, materials and landscaping to provide interest, warmth and depth to your home, ensuring an eye-catching, inviting home that lasts the test of time.

Why not DIY my design?

It can be tempting to try and DIY design your home’s facade renovation (or new build), especially with all the ideas & inspiration available online these days.

But a gorgeous, well-designed exterior is not something that can be whipped up with a few nice colours and a peppering of design ideas from the internet (in fact, this is the biggest mistake we see people make).

A superbly designed home consists of many unique design principles working together to create a well balanced, cohesive and eye-catching look.

If you’ve tried and not yet succeeded in coming up with a suitable solution for yourself, perhaps it’s time to seek professional guidance.

At Hotspace, we are are specially trained to turn your existing exterior into a thoughtful and striking design that is specific to you, your home’s shape/style, and of course, your budget.

What do I get from you?

Facade Design Plans (for renovations);
Much like an architect, we provide you with all the colours, materials, dimensions and details your tradies or builder needs to carry out your exterior renovation.

However, instead of pages of complicated drawings and legends, we provide you with an easy-to-read ‘Facade Design Plan’ so you can easily understand the details of the design, completing it all in one hit, or chip away at it over time.
Find out more here

Facade Design Plan Example_1.PDF (Contemporary example)
Facade Design Plan Example_2.PDF (Hamptons example)

New-Facade Design Plans (for New Home Builds & Extensions);

We’ll take your existing plans and elevations, and transform the facade (or any other part of the exterior) into a personalised, stunning design that you’ll be proud to call home!
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Facade Design Plan Example_3.PDF (Brick home Extension example)
Facade Design Plan Example_4.PDF (New Build example)

How many options do I get?

Instead of providing you with multiple options, we focus on tailoring one outstanding design that fits your style, your home and your budget – and our aim is always your 100% satisfaction.

During the process, we collaborate with you to provide an exterior design you’ll love. We begin with a thorough information-gathering process (including a 1 – 1.5 hour meeting on Zoom), then 7-10 days later catch up again to run through the preliminary design.

We’ll make any tweaks and changes whenever you wish, but this first design-review really helps us get to the nitty-gritty of what you like and don’t like.

Once you’re happy with the preliminary design concept, we move on to developing the design and colour scheme further (and meet again to review if required).

Did you know we have a Money-Back Guarantee (almost unheard of in the home design arena!)?

What if I don't like my new Facade design?

We get it – entrusting the design of your biggest asset can feel like a huge leap of faith!

But we’re so confident in our ability to deliver you a jaw-dropping Facade Design that fits your budget, that we offer a Money-Back Guarantee.

In the rare case that we don’t knock your socks off with our design, or we exceed your budget, we’ll refund your payment without any hassle. We’re all about keeping it simple and stress-free!


Do you build/manage my renovation for me?

Hotspace is a design-only service (like an architect, but focusing solely on Facade designs).

We provide you with the complete design (in the form of a Facade Design Plan or New-Facade Design Plan) which you use to implement your renovation by* or pass on to your architect/draughtsperson to add to their construction drawings.

**Builders LOVE being given a document showing them what you want!

Are you architects? What happens if our design is structural?

Most of our designs consist primarily of cosmetic updates (paint, cladding, lighting, windows/doors landscaping etc).

Some minor structural changes may be required in some cases (around 20-30% of our projects) but these are generally very easy to achieve.

Facade/Exterior Design Plans – All dimensions, details, colours and materials are included inside your Facade or Exterior Design Plan. If further documentation/working drawings are required by your builder or council, these can be easily be drawn up by a local drafts-person once they have visited your property.

New-Facade/Exterior Design Plans – Your New-Facade or Exterior Design Plan includes all the products, colours and materials you need to give your new home or extension wow-factor! We suggest having your architect incorporate our recommendations into their set of construction drawings.

PS no we are not architects!

How much do you charge?

Our Facade and Exterior Design Plans are designed to ensure a smooth and successful renovation or new build. You’ll receive a full-colour illustration and detailed list of all the elements needed to achieve the design, eliminating any guesswork. With exact specifications for colours, products, and materials, your builder or tradies can proceed without delays or indecision, keeping your project on track. Once we assess your home and discuss your needs, we’ll provide a fixed quote, ensuring there are no surprises or unexpected costs.

Facade and Exterior Design Plans generally range from $5500+gst to $6900+gst, depending on your home’s specifics. Send an enquiry here to discuss a Design Plan for your home renovation or new build. Enjoy peace of mind and a beautifully designed space tailored just for you!

What's the minimum renovation budget to work with you?

While every project is unique, we find that most of our clients spend a minimum of $50,000-$70,000 on their exterior renovation. This budget typically allows us to deliver the high-quality design and craftsmanship our clients expect. However, we’re happy to discuss your specific needs and budget to see how we can best work together.

What's the process to work with you?

We have an 8 step process for your new Facade or Exterior home design;

Step 1) Renovations and extensions – You send us a selection of photos of your home’s exterior + plans/dimensions of your home, together with a Pinterest board link or other inspiration images you love.
New homes – You send us your most up-to-date plans, together with a Pinterest board link or other inspiration images you love.

Step 2) You complete our pre-consultation questionnaire about your renovation, extension or new home, what you’re wanting to achieve (your ‘dream’ style), your budget (if known) and a few other things.

Step 3) We meet over Zoom for a thorough briefing session (1-1.5 hours) where we discuss everything about your home’s exterior in detail – so we know exactly what we are working with and what we need to do!

Step 4) After the briefing Zoom call, we’ll start working on your Facade or Exterior design.

Step 5) We meet with you again 7-10 days later with our preliminary design and mock-up. This is where you provide feedback on the initial ideas/design so that we can modify and improve based on your thoughts.

Step 6) We then revise the design and meet again to confirm the changes if required.

Step 7) Next we complete your 3D colour illustration so you can see exactly what your home is going to look like!

Step 8) Now your Design Plan and 3D colour illustration are completed, we send these to you for review. You are absolutely free to change the design at any time (but 99% of our clients never do – they love their designs so much!). Total design and illustration time is between 5-8 weeks depending on our workload. However, we can sometimes do your design faster than this. We’ll accommodate your timeframe as best we can but please remember that great design takes time!

You can see that our process is thorough and that you are involved every step of the way. This is why we are so confident about our Money-Back Guarantee (almost unheard of in the home design space!).

To start the ball rolling, we require a 30% deposit and a confirmed date for our telephone briefing session. Sound good? Click here to get in touch.

I can pay a regular colour consultant to help me with my renovation – why should I use Hotspace?

Colour has a very important role in improving the look of your home’s exterior, but there is a lot more involved in creating an amazing transformation.

We layer colours and materials, textures and products to create beautiful, cohesive Street Appeal that would be impossible to do with paint alone.

Our builder/tradies say they will give us free advice about our renovation. Why is using Hotspace any better?

There are hundreds of renovating possibilities for every property. Builders/tradies do have some ideas (usually just based on some of the other home’s they’ve worked on), but it’s the pulling together of the ideas to create a cohesive, designer looking exterior that they are not skilled at.

Yes, you could save some money by taking free advice from your builder or tradies, but in 3 years time (after you’ve pulled into your driveway over 1000 times), will you regret not getting professional design advice on updating your biggest asset?

Just a thought!