Check out our FAQ’s below. Got a question about something else? Get in touch here.

What areas do you service?

We service Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra and everywhere in between. For homes within the south east Queensland area, we visit in person. Homes outside of SEQ require a remote consultation where you send photographs and details about the property via email/Dropbox etc.

I can pay a regular colour consultant to help me with my renovation – why should I use Hotspace?

Colour has a very important role in improving the look of your home’s exterior, but there is a lot more involved in creating an amazing transformation. Our exterior design team will help you achieve a transformation that would be impossible to do with paint alone.

Do you give structural advice or just cosmetic?

Primarily cosmetic, including some minor structural renovations such as adding a portico/entrance or carport, replacing exterior finishes, introducing new cladding or building a new fence or retaining wall. For some renovations, your local council (and builder) may require working drawings and these can be easily created by a local drafts-person with reference to the Renovation Design Plan we create for you.

Do you have a minimum requirement for the size & budget of renovations you'll work on?

Not really, but we find most of our clients spend between $30k and $130k on the exterior of their home (more, if adding a pool).

Our builder says he will give us free advice about our renovation. Why is using Hotspace any better?

There are hundreds of possibilities or potential renovation ideas for every property. Builders do generally have some good ideas, but it’s the pulling together of the ideas to create a cohesive, designer looking renovation that suits the original your style of home, that they are not skilled at. Also, the more you spend on your renovation with a builder, the more money they make! A Renovation Design Plan is an excellent tool to give to your builder to follow – to let them know exactly what you want them to do for you.

Will you provide contact details for reliable trades-people and suppliers?

Brisbane home owners – Yes, we have a fantastic selection of contractors and trades-people to assist you with your renovation.

I want to sell. Can you help me update my home before putting it on the market?

Unfortunately, not at this time.