Check out our FAQ’s below. Got a question about something else? Get in touch here.

How much do you charge?

Of course this varies, depending on your home. We quote you a fixed price design fee at the beginning of the project so you know exactly what your Renovation Design Plan is going to cost.

To get a quote, call 1300 908 890 or get in touch here.

Where is Hotspace based?

We are based in Brisbane but we work with clients across Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart, Darwin, and regional areas.
Brisbane properties are visited in person and we consult via photos, video etc for our Australia-wide clients.

Will you provide contact details for reliable trades-people and suppliers?

In most cases, yes. We have recommended trades-people (painters, plumbers, electricians, tilers etc) and suppliers of renovation products all around Australia.

Will you manage my tradies for me?

Unfortunately no, but your Renovation Design Plan or OneRoom Design Plan can be handed to a builder or project manager to arrange the contractors and generally manage your renovation through for you.

I can pay a regular colour consultant to help me with my renovation – why should I use Hotspace?

Colour has a very important role in improving the look of your home, but there is a lot more involved in creating an amazing transformation than paint colours alone. If you’re only painting your walls, then a colour consultant is probably all you need. However, if you’re renovating your kitchen, bathroom/s, exterior, flooring or anything more and need assistance with selections for cabinetry, bench-tops, tiles, door handles, lighting, floor finishes and any other surfaces, fixtures and fittings, then seek help from an Interior/Exterior design team like Hotspace.

I want to sell! Can you help me quickly and inexpensively refresh my property?

Yes! The last thing you want to do when getting your home ready for sale is to spend money on it. We get that. We’ve helped many hundreds of sellers from all over Australia revamp and revitalise their properties cleverly and inexpensively. Our packages are a best-sellers for vendors looking to improve their property prior to sale. You can see some examples of properties we’ve transformed in our Gallery.

Our builder says he will give us free advice about our renovation. Why is using Hotspace any better?

There are hundreds of possibilities or potential renovation ideas for every property. Builders do generally have great ideas, but it’s the pulling of the ideas together to create a cohesive, designer looking renovation on a pre-determined budget that they may not be quite so skilled at. Also, the more you spend on your renovation with a builder, the more money he makes. A Renovation Design Plan or OneRoom Design Plan is an excellent tool to give to your builder to follow – to let him know exactly what you want him to do for you.

Should we make-over our home before we sell? Our real estate agent says not to bother and to let the buyer do their own improvements.

Most real estate agents want your listing straight away – not in the future some time; so a make-over is going to really get in the way of that. If you want your property sold faster and at the best price, then investing some time and money up front on a mini make-over to revitalise it, is critical. You have one chance to impress potential purchasers! We have a proven track record of helping home owners prepare their homes to sell quickly and for more money. Read more about renovating to sell here.

Do you give structural advice or just cosmetic?

We primarily offer cosmetic renovation/make-over advice including colours, flooring, kitchens, bathrooms, landscaping etc. However, we do also offer some layout guidance (reconfiguration of interior walls). Since we are very experienced interior/exterior designers, but NOT qualified architects or building designers, we are restricted to the advice we offer here. We suggest you first contact someone qualified to advise on which walls could be removed (eg a builder) and then pass that information to us so we can provide layout options that best suits your property.

I'm afraid of over-spending my budget. How can you help?

Of course! Included in our Renovation Design Plans and OneRoom Design Plans are area-by-area cost estimates that will tell you how much things should cost, helping you keep your renovation spending on track.

Will you help me choose furniture and accessories for my home?

This service is Coming Soon! We’ll be sure to include details in upcoming newsletters, so please subscribe if you’re interested.