Say Hello to a Home You’ll Love.

Update your Street Appeal with a Facade Design Plan from Hotspace.



You’ve always dreamed of having an attractive, bright, and inviting home. One that you’re proud to call your own.

But the reality is, the cracks are beginning to show. Your home’s exterior is outdated, and you feel disappointed every time you come home.

You’ve tried improving it with a paint job, new front door or landscaping, but it still falls flat. You want a cohesive, up-to-date look that doesn’t cost an absolute fortune or look like mutton-dressed-up-as-lamb.

The last thing you want is to waste your hard-earned money on a so-so house exterior renovation when it could have been so different!

Transform your Home with Confidence and Style

It’s time to make your dream home a reality.

With our Facade Design Plans, tailored to your unique preferences and budget, we focus on creating the perfect solution for you and your home.

Our expert team will be by your side throughout the entire design process, seamlessly blending the old and new to craft a stunning exterior just for you.

Say goodbye to feeling overwhelmed by choices and worrying about spiraling costs, and let us guide you on this exciting journey to elevate your home’s street appeal.

** Our service is Australia-wide **


The Ultimate Item-by-Item Action Plan to Take your Home from Faded to First-Class

Introducing the Facade Design Plan: your ultimate guide to a jaw-dropping house exterior renovation that’s both affordable and uniquely you!

From your front fence to your front door (and more), we expertly curate a tailored exterior makeover, ensuring every detail is accounted for, all while keeping your taste and budget in mind.

With our 30 years of experience, we pinpoint the perfect colours, products, and materials for your home, maximising impact and minimising unnecessary expenses. No more trial and error, just a dazzling transformation you’ll absolutely love.

Get ready to wow your neighbours and elevate your kerb appeal! With your Facade Design Plan in hand, you can confidently execute your upgrade using your own builder, tradies, DIY skills, or a mix of all three.

Say hello to the head-turning home you’ve always envisioned!


An Eye-Catching Design Concept: Transform your home's exterior into the showstopper you've always dreamed of.

Tailored Facade Design Plan: A step-by-step PDF guide, customised to your needs and budget, for a stress-free renovation experience.

Expert Colour & Material Selection: We handpick every element for your home's exterior, from walls and roof to windows, doors, and lighting, ensuring a cohesive, stunning result.

Landscaping & Hardscaping Recommendations: Elevate your home's Street Appeal with our suggestions for fences, gates, mailboxes, and more, perfectly complementing your Facade makeover.

3D Colour Illustration: Visualise your dream exterior before you begin, making any changes necessary to guarantee you'll love the final result.

Money-Back Guarantee: We're confident you'll be thrilled with our design, but if not, we've got you covered with our no-risk guarantee.



Our Facade Design Plans are perfect for those who want to rejuvenate, modernise, and enhance their home’s exterior. See if you identify with any of these situations:

You're willing to invest in a breathtaking exterior design that will significantly boost your home's value.

You're looking for expert guidance on choosing the ideal materials, products, and colours to maximise your home's potential and create a stunning, cohesive exterior.

You want a seamless transition between the old and new elements on your house exterior renovation.

You're overwhelmed by the number of decisions involved in a renovation project and need professional support.

You're interested in a comprehensive Facade Design Plan that includes landscaping, hardscaping, and other exterior elements for a cohesive look.

You want the confidence of a money-back guarantee and value the peace of mind that comes from partnering with an experienced design team with a proven track record.

Nervous about working with a Designer?

Here’s why you don’t need to worry. Our one-of-a-kind money-back guarantee has you covered.


Facade & Backyard Design Plans for renovations and new homes range from $5800+gst to $6900+gst each, depending on the house. This is for a full design and spec/PDF document and colour illustration. We’ll give you a fixed quote once we’ve seen your home and had a brief discussion. 

Sound good? Simply click the link below, fill out the form, and together we’ll make your home a design dream worth coming home to.