Street Appeal So Stylish The Neighbours Will Be Jealous

Revel in an exterior so beautiful it makes you happy the minute you come home


It’s true. The cracks are beginning to show, your home exterior is out of date – and frankly, you’re sick of feeling BLAH every time you come home. You need a face-lift.

We’re not talking scalpels and Botox – we’re talking about your HOME.

If your house is looking drab, old fashioned or just plain ‘ole boring… chances are you’re not feeling happy and proud when pulling into your driveway each day. Instead, you feel disappointed, ho-hum or just down-right embarrassed.

Even worse? You don’t know how to fix it! Maybe you’ve tried a paint job already or adding a few new plants, but it still falls flat.

You’ve come to the realisation that a scatter-gun approach won’t do it, and you’re ready for a cohesive design that gives your home a whole fresh new look.

But when you stand out front, you can’t even imagine how to pull that off. Should you start with paint? Replace the roof? Update the balustrades and pathways? How should you update your home without making the whole thing look like mutton dressed as lamb?

You know you could spend hundreds of thousands of dollars upgrading your home – but you don’t want that. And you certainly don’t want to over-capitalise.

You wish for a fresh, eye-catching and inviting look – like the ones you see on Pinterest and everywhere else on the net…

But how do you even begin?

Maybe you’re thinking to yourself:

How do we know what will look good on OUR home?

How can we make big visual changes to the exterior without massive expense?

Is this an unrealistic dream or could we really do something great here?

How much money WOULD an update to our facade cost?

You want to drive down the street and look at your home with pride!…  Read on. The answer to your prayers might well be here.



A Renovation Design Plan is your step-by-step guide to a professionally designed, area-by-area, item-by-item breakdown for your entire exterior face-lift project – everything from the curb to the front door (and more).

With your tastes, neighbourhood, and original house architecture in mind, we give you the style, the layouts/drawings and product details to achieve a look you’ll love – no detail is too small.

The best bit? Your renovation will more than likely cost you the same or less than if you go-it-alone with your facade design. After all – good design is so because of how the different elements, colours and products are put together – not because the individual components are expensive.

Armed with your Renovation Design Plan, you can seamlessly carry out your renovation.


A stunning design concept for reimagining your exterior (even if that seems impossible right now)

A Customised Design Plan and Action list that you can implement yourself or give to a builder to do it for you

Selections for Landscaping, Hardscaping, Fencing and the Whole House Facade

Product and colour recommendations for your entire Home Exterior and Yard

A carefully curated selection of Lighting, Fixtures, Doors, Windows and Hardware - because the design is in the details!

Fence, Gate and Pathway selections to keep your home safe, secure, and cohesive from footpath to front door and beyond

Gardening and landscaping recommendations - so you can get the lush look and maintain it all year round





Exterior Renovation Design Plans are a wonderful option for anyone looking to modernise, refresh, and beautify their existing home.


Read on to see if any of the following scenarios fit you.

You want to update the exterior of your home, but you’re not sure which products will give you the best result whilst staying within your budget.

You’re ready to dream bigger and transform your home, but... you’re not sure how to pull it all together into a modern and cohesive look.

You've got $30k - $130k for your exterior renovation and want to make sure every cent goes towards a look you'll love.

You know you need more than just a paint job to modernise your home, but don't want the price tag or over-the-top ideas of an architect.

Your home's value is $800,000+ and you want your reno done right, first time.

You appreciate great design and know that a skilled and experienced designer is the very best way to create a beautiful new look for your home.

Sound good?

If this is you, simply click the link below, fill out the form, and together we’ll make your home a design dream worth coming home to.