When you are preparing a home or investment property to sell, the first thing you should consider is how to maximize its value and appeal to prospective buyers. You may be prepared to put some money and sweat equity into your home in order to boost the value but aren’t sure what projects are worthwhile. This is extremely common and around 30% of our clients come to us for exactly this reason. Click here to find out more…http://hotspaceconsultants.com/Pre_Sale_Renovation

The last thing you want to do is take on a renovation that will cost more than the increase in your home’s value. To optimize the value of your home, consider these tips before putting it on the market;

The kitchen is the hub of the home. It is where we spend much of our time and where we tend to gather as a family. This room has the power to make or break a sale, so it needs to look its very best. Even if you do not have a state-of-the-art kitchen, you can make sure that it looks its best. Look at other kitchens in your neighbourhood. Is there anything obvious that yours is missing? If so, this is an important flaw to attend to. You can add small updates like hardware and a now splash-back to perk up an older kitchen.

Most importantly make sure that it is spotlessly clean. Regardless of its true age, this will be your buyer’s new kitchen. It needs to look the part.

Living areas
I believe living areas come next in terms of priority when selling a home. This is generally a cheaper area to get right (compared to bathrooms and kitchen) and people spend a lot of time here, so they will want it to look great and function well for them. Consider bi-fold doors to an outdoor area. Even new flooring and a lick of paint on the walls will make a significant difference.

Bathrooms are the next most important area after your home’s kitchen and living areas. In a similar way, you should ensure that yours are clean and up-to-date. Paint and inexpensive tiling can cure a multitude of bathroom woes. Add a few new features while keeping the existing layout to renovate without the expense of moving plumbing. Again, cleanliness is vital.

The exterior of your property should be well maintained and not look as though it is in need of repairs. This is especially important when selling a home as opposed to renting it out. While renters may be more forgiving when it comes to a home’s exterior as long as the practical needs they have are met, buyers are thinking more long term. Get the big-ticket items attended to as these will be sure turn-offs for potential buyers (or be prepared to reduce your asking price).

Without overspending, you need to create enough curb appeal that buyers will be enticed enough to come inside. All the interior design skills in the world will not sell your house if nobody sees it. Trim trees and hedges, mow grass, and paint the front door a nice neutral colour.

Creating an outdoor living space can also increase the value of your home. An outdoor deck or patio that seamlessly blends into the home’s interior design will make a home feel larger and more open.

The style and condition of your home should be consistent. Don’t lose a buyer because they love the kitchen but can’t believe the condition of the flooring in the family room. Plan your renovation budget to bring the entire house up to par with buyer expectations.