Pre-Sale Home Make-Overs


Spruce up your property for a quick and profitable sale

So, you’ve decided to sell up and move on. Now for a quick cosmetic make-over to get buyers thick and fast through your front door.

But how to face-lift your home without outlaying an arm and a leg in the process? The last thing you want to do is spend money unnecessarily on changes that don’t improve buyers’ perception of your home.

It’s a bit of a gamble, isn’t it?


A bang-for-your-buck Home Make-Over

Thankfully, there is a way to update your home in a way that adds huge value and appeal in the eyes of your buyer, with every dollar you spend.

The Challenge

The problem is that every home is different, so a cookie-cutter approach for your pre-sale home make-over, may not be the answer.

Copying what others have done, could have you spending money you didn't really need to. Or worse; missing off things you really should have done, but didn't.

A guiding hand from Hotspace

With 25 years experience, we’ve consulted on hundreds of pre-sale home make-overs. So knowing what to do for any type of home is second nature to us.

We’ll tell you;
• What cosmetic changes to make (including the colours and products to use)
• What to leave as-is
• How to present your property to maximise your selling price 
• What things will minimise your time on the market

We look with fresh, critical eyes and provide you with an itemised list (your Renovation Action Plan (PDF)) of the exact things you need to do to your property to present it in it's best light.


We Design It. You Make It happen.

Armed with your list of 'To-Do's', you can now implement the recommendations. Whether you’re DIY’ing or paying professionals, all the detail is there to go and make it happen. 


How much is it?

Our prices start at $890+gst. Click here for more detailed pricing.


Like to know more?

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