When you’re giving the exterior of your house a makeover, the go-to for most people is a fresh coat of paint. That’s a fantastic first step, but it’s precisely that: a first step. It’s certainly not the way to transform your home.

Painting your house and leaving it at that is like putting on a new cardigan but neglecting to change your shirt or add accessories. Just as you would update your outfit with nice cufflinks or to-die-for shoes, so you should consider changing other aspects of your exterior and not just your colour scheme.

While the colour of your home is important, it’s only 50 per cent of the equation. The remaining 50 per cent relies on well-balanced, cohesive features and fixtures that work with the original style of your home — instead of against it.

1. Add or update your fence

Take a look at your home with fresh eyes. What does the fence look like and can you update it? Does it need a coat of paint? Does it need replacing or repairing? Can it be altered or modernised in some way to better link to the architectural style of your home? Fences define a property, so if you don’t have one, you might consider installing one if the budget allows.

2. Change your entryway

Now turn your attention to the house itself. One way to modernise the look (over and above a paint job) is to add a fabulous entry feature that draws the eye to your entrance. You could do something as complex as an entry portico or as simple as a selection of beautiful plants near the entrance or pot plants positioned by the front door.

3. Landscape your front garden

And how about your landscaping? Does it suit the style and scale of your house? Larger, brick and rendered homes require chunkier and more substantial plants, whereas timber homes can get away with using a less dense species.

Ensure the features of your front facade and yard don’t make the property appear smaller than it is. I visited a client’s property recently where they had this exact problem. A hedge separated the driveway from the front yard, giving the illusion that the property was much narrower than it was.

4. Add some outdoor furniture

Redoing an outdoor living space through a change in outdoor furniture and some new landscaping features can go a long way towards improving your home’s new look and feel. If you don’t have an outdoor living space, can you create one?

5. Dress up your driveway

Your driveway is another area that may benefit from a bit of attention. These can be expensive to repair, so clever landscaping to draw attention away from a dated or damaged driveway can be a great short-term fix.