Tired of a mediocre home with lackluster Street Appeal? An experienced exterior designer will help you achieve your dream home Facade.

How? Because they will…:

… introduce new features that blend seamlessly with the existing style of your home: A good exterior designer like Hotspace Consultants will work with your home’s architectural style, adding and modifying features to give it an entirely new appearance. When a designer understands your brief and budget, they’ll show you how to transform your home in ways you’d never have imagined.

… have the skills, knowledge, and experience to turn your ideas into a cohesive and functional design that suits your home: You want your design, but better, right? That’s what a good exterior designer will do for you. They’ll use your collection of images and inspiration (eg Pinterest) and curate a design that will not only improve the appearance of your home but increase its value, too.

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… help you maximize street appeal: Your exterior designer should be a Facade expert too. This is a unique skill-set that even many architects have not mastered. The right designer will help you select the right materials, colours, landscaping and other details to create an harmonious, interesting look that stands the test of time and cohesively blends with the interior of your home.

… save you money: Counterintuitive, I know, but it’s true. A good exterior design professional will design to your budget, suggesting cost-effective solutions without compromising on design or functionality.

Hiring a professional exterior designer is an investment up front that will return to you in many, many ways. Imagine loving how your home looks and how proud of it you’ll feel once it’s renovated right! Home is where the heart is – so create one that makes you proud the minute you pull into your drive!

Need help with designing the exterior of your home? Contact me here to see if I can help… https://hotspaceconsultants.com/preliminary-enquiry/

Jane Eyles-Bennett x