When $150K Turns into $400K: The Magic of Masterful Exterior Renovations


Home renovations aren’t just about sprucing up how your house looks; they’re your secret weapon to skyrocketing your property’s value.

Strategic renovations aren’t merely about enhancing your living experience and ‘making your money back’; they’re about shrewd financial planning. The below transformation of a $1M property into a $1.4M gem (estimated reval), with a thoughtful investment of $150k including some DIY ($100k on exterior and front yard), perfectly illustrates this concept.

By choosing the right materials and colours for the most impactful components of your home, your exterior design ideas can add significant value and make it look stunning at the same time.

I’m not talking about a dollar-for-dollar improvement. I’m talking about profiting from every single dollar you spend (eg investing $150k and making a profit of $250k in the below scenario) and the benefits are immense;

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Before_renovation_two_storey_old_brick_house_with_untidy_landscaping After_renovation_modern_hamptons_style_two_storey_house_with_crisp_landscaping

Lower Loan-to-Value Ratio (LVR): When your home’s value increases, its LVR drops. This is the mortgage amount as a percentage of the appraised property value. A lower LVR can offer more attractive mortgage rates, easier refinancing, and increased financial flexibility.

Higher Equity: An increase in property value directly bolsters your home equity. This can be leveraged for additional investments or as an emergency fund.

Greater Return on Investment (ROI): In this case, a $150k investment in renovations led to a $400k increase in home value, indicating a return significantly beyond the original outlay.

Market Advantage: A visually appealing and high-value home stands out in the real estate market, potentially attracting higher rental rates or being more appealing to buyers if you decide to sell.

While a DIY approach to renovations might be tempting, harnessing the insights of an experienced professional’s exterior design ideas is invaluable. Their advice on material selection, design direction, and strategic planning helps your investment work smarter, not harder. Their expertise will allow your home to exude the luxury of a million-dollar property (or, as in this case, a 1.4 million-dollar one!).

Transforming your home isn’t just about refurbishing your living environment; it’s a powerful strategy to enhance your financial prosperity.

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