Own a modern home with zero personality?

Your problem is probably not the colour scheme. It’s the lack of interesting detailing and texture that would otherwise bring your home to life.

The most attractive homes not only incorporate a great colour scheme, they have an eye-catching combination of materials, accents and landscaping that offer warmth and interest and just make it pop! Time and again in my job as an exterior designer, I am charged with adding spunk and sizzle to a flat and uninteresting house facade. Here are some of the ways I do it!…

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1) Add some feature cladding in a contrasting colour. Make sure it has texture (slats, stipples etc) that compliments your existing wall surfaces
2) Add warmth with timber-effect accents. Try to use this in more than one area on your facade (aim to ‘sprinkle’ it three times across your facade).
3) Use a contemporary colour combination – typically whites and greys with pops of warmth
4) Define your front boundary line with landscaping or even just edging as a crisp ‘frame’

Jane Eyles-Bennett x

P.S If you’ve tried and not yet succeeded in coming up with a suitable solution for your home, perhaps it’s time to seek professional guidance. To find out if I can help you, contact me here.