Rendering is the go-to for most people when they’re renovating their brick home. But, depending on your budget and the architectural style of your home, it’s not always the best solution.

If you render an older style home and do nothing else to it, it will look exactly like an older style home that has just been rendered and nothing more.

New, rendered homes – or well-renovated, older style brick homes – have additional design elements that make them look modern. The doors, windows and roof, can reveal the true age of the house if not dealt with properly.

So, what do you do? Well, you could replace these as well as render, but other possibilities can give your home a fresh new look without spending too much.


You could revitalise the exterior by painting the trims, gutters, fascia and bargeboards of your home in a contemporary, stylish colour. If your bricks are light to mid-coloured, I advise you go for a much darker colour. If your bricks are darker, aim for contrast by using a lighter colour – but, not white.

You can also update the front door by painting it to match the trims, or you could replace it altogether. A popular option is to paint it in a contrasting colour so that it becomes a focal point.


A brick house will always appear visually heavier than a timber house, so landscaping is an excellent way to soften and balance its appearance. You don’t need extensive landscaping; just choose a few areas around the base of the house or the entryway to plant densely so that the house appears anchored in place.

A great tip when choosing plants for the landscaping is to take a good look at the foliage. Plants that are too dainty and thin will only accentuate the heaviness of the brick, so choose plants with thicker stems and rounded leaves in a range of colours that contrast with the colour of your brick.

Window dressing

Often overlooked is the effect the interior window dressing can have on the appearance of the exterior. Streamlined and linear slatted blinds are good; big blocks of curtains are not.


Updating your fence will always help refresh and revitalise your property. If you don’t have a fence, it’s worth looking at the cost of erecting one. It defines a property and will help break up the appearance of all that brick. Ensure the colours and materials you use in your fence visually link to your house, so there is a sense of cohesion. If you can get hold of some bricks that match your un-rendered home, this is an excellent way to make the fence look like it’s always been there and not an add-on.

Repaint, revamp or replace

Finally, take a good look at things like awnings, porticos and porches. Is there anything that could benefit from being repainted, revamped, replaced or even removed? The colour and style of these elements – especially on the facade of your home – can make or break the final look.

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