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Today I wanted to jump on and talk about how to get the biggest bang for your buck when you’re renovating your home. So for those who don’t know me, my name is Jane Eyles-Bennett. I’m the founder of this group and I’m an interior and exterior designer. I totally love what I do and really love being in this group and interacting with everyone.

Let’s talk about how to get the biggest bang for your buck.

So, the first thing to do is to focus your money on the key areas. What got me thinking about this is I went to a client’s property the other day, Rachel, a most amazing family, and they had quite a lot to do.

This particular family were renovating to sell. Of course, I work with people who are renovating to stay and everything but anyway, they were saying should we do this, should we do that? What I found was, they were really thinking about renovating areas that really didn’t have a lot of impact on the overall feeling or usability of the property. There was a kind of back area of the back yard – should we do this, should we do that? Should we do this in the laundry?

There were some pretty cool ideas, but then we also had a budget to work to and we had to completely replace the kitchen, do up the bathrooms and the exterior, redo the flooring right throughout, paint right throughout, and so it really could have spiraled out of control.

It just got me thinking and I really wanted to let you know – be really focused on where you spend your money when doing renovations. If you’re living in the property, that’s probably going to be your kitchen, and your living spaces and maybe your outdoor living spaces.

If you’re renovating to sell, then it’s probably going to be the façade, and then the living spaces and things. Obviously, bathrooms do get some loving at some point, but they’re probably less of a priority because they’re kind of the last things that people see.

So that’s a pretty key thing.

Don’t try to do everything. Don’t spread your money too thin. My belief is do the areas you can do well. Do them really well. Don’t try and do them three quarters and then spread your money elsewhere. Do a few key areas really well and enjoy them until you can afford to do the next thing. Work out which areas get the most use.

The last thing is, just remember that a good clean and a tidy up can do wonders and that really is what this client needed to do. They just needed to tidy up that part of their yard and some other areas of their home. They have four children so very understandable that it was a little bit untidy in some areas. Wasn’t too bad.

So don’t underestimate the power of a good clean up, a good tidy, and then focus your money on the key areas of your house so that you’re really doing the best you can in those areas and then making the best of the rest, if you know what I mean

Okay, I hope that is helpful. If you need help with any design, for your renovation or new build or renovating to sell or renovating to live, send me a message.

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