The beginning of a new year is commonly known for personal resolutions like to get fit, start a business or be more spontaneous (that’s always my one!).

Since our homes have such an effect on how we feel, a New Year’s resolution for your home should be on the list this year.

Light, bright and airy spaces are great for mental clarity, so giving your home a new lease on life in the new year could have an incredibly positive impact on not only you but your visitors as well.

A fresh new feel might come from tidying or spring cleaning your home, tending to maintenance issues or perhaps a partial or full-on renovation.

Start with the easy things first:

  • What unused items can you throw away that will give you more space?
  • What rooms or areas need to be tidied in order to remove the cluttered, busy look in your home?
  • What items need maintaining? Maintenance is imperative in order to eliminate future problems in your home. Make these a priority.

If your home needs more than a clean and tidy, it’s a great idea to break down exactly what you want to do room by room. This also tends to make the project feel less overwhelming and more manageable.

For each room, what do you want to achieve?

Could a paint job give it a lift? It’ll not only look better, but really help you enjoy your home more.

What about floors? They often (especially in larger spaces) have more of an impact on a home than walls, so consider if this is one area that you could improve.

Kitchens and bathrooms are areas of the home that can have a drastic impact on how you feel. Do you want open plan but don’t currently have it? Is the cabinetry tired and out-of-date? Is it dark and you want it to be light?

Imagine the effect on you and your family’s well-being of coming home to a house that is lighter, brighter, cleaner and feels more spacious.

I firmly believe that great colours, products, layout and lighting in a home have a significantly positive effect on one’s mental/emotional health and general happiness.

But realise that not all home improvements will have a positive effect. Incorrect furniture placements or bad layouts can have the opposite effect, just as choosing the wrong wall or floor colours can.

Colours/finishes selections and layouts should be based on what’s best for your home, not on other homes you’ve seen online, at show homes, in magazines and so on. Every home reacts differently to different concepts and colours.

There are millions of images online and hundreds of options of what you could do for your home, so before you get started make a plan of what you’re going to do and if/how you’re going to do it.

Hopefully it won’t take until next year to get it all done!

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