$50K vs $100K Renos: Busting the ‘More Money, More Magnificence’ Myth.


The price tag of your upcoming reno need not dictate it’s quality.

A well-designed $50k renovation will outshine an ill-conceived $100K project any day of the week.

Here’s why your budget is not the only factor to consider when it comes to achieving an aesthetically pleasing result on your home’s exterior.

Focused renovations
A focused renovation that considers your home’s character and enhances its existing charm requires less extensive changes, saving you a chunk of your budget. Instead of a cookie-cutter/copy-cat design, work with your home’s natural qualities and quirks. This doesn’t mean compromising on the overall look. When put together mindfully, renovations like these can give a spectacular result!

Selective Splurging
A gut-and-replace renovation on your exterior is often, frankly, a total waste of money. Unless the house is falling down (in which case, maybe just bowl it over??) your focus should be on improving the elements that you don’t love, and leaving or tweaking the rest. Even minimal changes, when thoughtfully executed, can bring a transformative effect.

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Design Principles: Your Reno’s Secret Sauce

Design principles, revered and utilised by experts worldwide, are the magic potion that separates a ‘designer’ house from a mere before-and-after scenario. Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll need to know…
>> Balance: A balanced facade feels just right, with visual weight evenly distributed. This doesn’t necessarily mean symmetry, but rather a pleasing equilibrium of your design elements.
>> Focal Point: This is the star of the show, the element that immediately draws the eye. Usually its the front entrance which stands out due to eye-catching and contrasting colours and materials.
>> Anchoring: This involves grounding an area visually, preventing your space from seeming as if it’s “floating.” Landscaping or other low down structural elements often play the role of an anchor on a facade.
These principles will make a world of difference to your renovation, helping create a cohesive, aesthetically pleasing home that doesn’t just look expensive, but feels valuable.

Leverage Expertise: The Best Use of Your Savings
If these principles sound foreign to you, investing part of your $50K savings in a design expert like Hotspace who understands these concepts, will be the best decision you make. You’ll be amazed at how we can stretch your dollars, turning your moderate budget into a stunning masterpiece.

So, the next time you hear someone bragging about their six-figure renovation, smile, knowing that a well-executed $50K reno can be far more impressive. After all, good taste doesn’t always come with a hefty price tag!

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