As the temperature starts to cool off, now is the perfect time to get outside and improve your home’s curb side appeal. Simple but effective changes to your property can make a world of difference to the ‘street appeal’ factor; and these types of Bang-For-Your-Buck renovations are absolutely one of our strong suits here at Hotspace (have a look at some awesome before and after photos here). Here are five ideas you can tackle to improve the visual appearance of your home this weekend.

Lick of Paint
The weathered look is not in and your tired exterior paint is an easy fix. Update this element of your home to make it stand out; whether by repainting the same colour again or a new colour entirely. Neutral tones for your home’s exterior are usually the general consensus, but if you’re really after something bold, think about adding a pop of colour to your trim instead. Doing so will mean you can add a personal touch without going overboard, as well as being the perfect option if you’re time poor and want to give the home a quick spruce up.

Get Scrubbing
There’s not much a little sugar soap and elbow grease can’t make look as good as new again. Better yet; if you’ve got a Gurney, spend the weekend getting rid of the build-up of dirt and grime on your driveway and front footpaths. Your driveway is a dominant feature of your home and by brightening this up, it will immediately lift the on-street presence of your home.

Plant Some New Life into Your Yard
An untidy or neglected yard speaks volumes about the inside of your home and the weekly mow might not be enough. Landscaping can transform your home in a weekend of work, think about planting some new shrubs and flowers, pruning anything overgrown or even just adding a new layer of mulch and fertiliser.

It’s all in the Detail
The smallest detail can sometimes change the whole look of a home; consider upgrading the little detailed features of your home this weekend to really boost that curb side appeal. Your letterbox and street numbers can really pack a punch design wise if given a little time and effort, after all it’s what people see first when they look for your home.

A Little TLC
Of course, maintenance of your property is essential and if you have time for anything this weekend it should be the maintenance. Maintaining your property will not only help it look great but will end up saving you time and money in the long run by ensuring everything has longevity. Overflowing gutters, cobwebs, dirty windows or roof can all detract from your overall street appeal and they don’t take much time or cost to rectify. A little TLC definitely goes a long way for your home.