We all love a spacious, airy bathroom, but not every house has the floor space to accommodate one. Everyone knows that lighter coloured walls help a space feel larger, but did you know that wall hung, handle-free vanity does too? Subtle tweaks to the walls, floor, shower screen, vanity, toilet, bath, taps and even lighting can contribute to how a spacious a room feels. So if space is at a premium at your place; be sure to employ all or some of the following design tricks into your new bathroom.

– To maximise the perceived feeling of space, go for a light colour. Dark colours can make a room look smaller while light colours make a room seem larger.
– For a light, bright effect that’s got some funk, go for mostly white with an accent wall or wall area.
– Keep your ceiling light too. It doesn’t have to be white necessarily, but it should be lighter than the walls.

– Tiles make a huge difference to the illusion of space. Decide whether you want the illusion of height or depth on your walls, then choose your tiles. Rectangular tiles laid vertically will make the ceiling appear higher, but when laid horizontally will make the room look wider.

– Polished tiles are shiny and reflect light, and so they naturally will make a room feel subtly bigger than matte tiles.

– Tiling the hob and side of the bath in the same tiles as the floor will aid flow and make the room feel more expansive. If you don’t want to use the floor tiles on the hob, use the same colour as the walls rather than introducing a new colour or a new tile. It will give the bathroom a more seamless look which helps with creating the impression that there is more space.

– Tiling all the way up to the ceiling and using a square-set cornice instead of a decorative cornice is another way to add to the feeling of spaciousness in your bathroom.

–  Larger floor tiles will give the illusion of a greater floor area; but only if they are still in proportion with the room dimensions

– Don’t install a freestanding bath tub unless you have a very good sized bathroom already. They’re just too big and need too much space around them to make them a good idea in a small bathroom. If you think you can squeeze one in, aim for a streamlined bath rather than a solid, heavy style. A semi-freestanding bath that hugs the walls could be another option.

– If you are willing to sacrifice storage space, install a wall hung vanity. This is a great trick to make a small bathroom feel bigger.

– Choose a vanity that is quite streamlined with discreet or hidden handles. Intricate or detailed indents on drawers and doors can make the bathroom feel fussy and busy.

– Using white for every aspect of your bathroom will certainly make the room look bigger, but it will also make it appear very clinical. Instead, consider installing a light timber vanity or some other touches of timber or colour, to add warmth.

– If you install a medicine cabinet with a mirror, recess it so that it sits flush with the walls. If you are putting up a mirror, mount it flush with tiles. The fewer things that jut out, the better.

– Aim for a minimalist look here. Choose streamlined toilets where the outside casing hugs the wall or one where you can conceal the cistern in the wall cavity. Another option is a wall hung toilet.

– Get rid of any walls or half walls within the bathroom that divide room up.

– Install a frameless screen rather than a framed screen. Or if your budget is tight, use a semi-frameless screen.

– Keep your lighting simple. Avoid anything too flashy or any shades that contrast too much with the wall tiles. The aim is not to draw the eye to anything in particular, but to have everything blend.

– Down-lights are a good option as they are quite subtle and streamlined. In some bathrooms, lighting underneath the medicine cabinet is another possibility.

– Any window dressings (roller blinds, venetians, plantation shutters etc) should sit within the window frame and not protrude into the room at all.

So there you have it! These tips should give you some ideas on how you can trick up your own small bathroom. Don’t forget, you can always contact us here at Hotspace if you need help reconfiguring or redesigning your bathroom or any other room in your house.