Hello! Good afternoon everyone. I am here to talk about why cheaper renovations can look great and why expensive renovations can still look disastrous. Oh, how true that is!

My name is Jane-Eyles Bennett and I’m professional designer, specializing in exterior property facades.

So, have you seen homes with cheaper renovations that look amazing? I’m sure you have. Have you seen expensive homes that look terrible? Look like crap? I’m sure you’ve seen those as well! ‘Cause money doesn’t buy you style, I’m telling you now.

Good design for your renovation is not about how much you spend or which individual products you use necessarily; it’s about how you pull all of the features, colours and concepts of your renovation together.

If you don’t do this well, that’s when it’s going to look terrible. If you do do it well, even if they’re cheaper materials and products, it can still look great. So, we’re talking about using the design principals that I talked about in my live video the other day.

I’m not advocating cheap renovations by any means. Cheap renovations are fine. I used to do lots of them. I don’t do that many of them these days. If you do a cheap renovation just know that it doesn’t have to look cheap. It can look great as long as you’re using the right products and the right materials and the right combination of products and things as you’re going through.

You need to be aware of every aspect of your renovation and how that looks as a whole. So there are things like the type of tiles, the shape of tiles, which direction the floorboards run, what finish your cabinetry is, what colour and style your entry is, even down to things like the style of your taps and the look of your letterbox numbers.

Even right down to those little things – it’s all of those things, layer upon layer, layered on top of one another that are going to make a difference between what makes a good-looking renovation and what makes a bad looking renovation. And that’s not because of how much they cost, but about how they are put together.

So, the bottom line is, if you spend a lot of money on your renovation, don’t automatically assume that it’s going to look good. You’ve got to use those design principles I talked about the other day, pull everything together in the right way, use the right products for the job – so, not too expensive, not too cheap. You’ve got to go about right for the value of your property. But the main thing to think about is the colours you use, the shapes of the products, the finishes, how they’re set out, and put together –  all of those other factors that come into play.

Okay, I hope that’s helpful. If anyone needs help with a design, I’m a specialist, especially in exterior façade renovations. See you soon!

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