What’s Hot (& also Timeless) in the World of Home Design for New Houses, Extensions & Renovations?


From ‘Meh’ to ‘Marvelous’. Here’s how to skyrocket your home’s aesthetic and value with the hottest trends in facade design!

Natural Materials
The integration of natural elements like timber, stone, and brick has been gaining momentum. Their unique textures and colours add a warm, organic touch to your home’s exterior. The beauty of these materials lies in their versatility – they can be used in both modern and traditional architectural styles. Remember, the key to keeping this trend timeless is ensuring a balance between the natural elements and other materials used.

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Minimalist Aesthetics
Simplicity is the new sophistication. Minimalist designs with clean lines, uncluttered surfaces, and a neutral colour palette are increasingly favoured. This style, often associated with modern architecture, promotes a serene, clutter-free environment. To ensure your minimalist facade remains timeless, opt for high-quality materials that age well and maintain a well-proportioned, balanced design.

Dark, Bold Colours
Dark exteriors are having a moment. Colours like charcoal, black, and even dark green/sage create a dramatic, edgy look that stands out. Pairing these with lighter, contrasting elements can create a striking, contemporary facade. This trend can be timeless when done right – consider the surrounding landscape and the style of your home to ensure it complements rather than clashes.

Sustainable Designs
Sustainability is not just a trend, but a necessity. Eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient designs are becoming increasingly popular. While this might seem like a modern trend, sustainable design principles are inherently timeless as they align with the enduring need to preserve our environment.

Mixed Materials
The combination of different materials on the facade – like timber with steel, brick with glass, or weatherboards with render – is trending. This creates a dynamic, textured look that adds depth and interest. To keep it timeless, choose materials that complement each other in terms of colour, texture, and style.

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