…don’t be mad when you hear my answer!

Hello. Good afternoon. How is everyone? My name is Jane Eyles-Bennett, and I am the founder of this group and an exterior designer. I’m an interior designer too, but I do mainly exteriors.

So today, I said on my title I’m going to talk about what colour should you paint the exterior of your home and the reason I said don’t get mad is because I’m not going to give you my favourite colours. I am going to talk about now that when you’re choosing colours for the exterior of your home, that is only 30% of the equation. I kinda made up that percentage, but that is about what it is. It’s not the be-all and end-all. I think people think that they choose a great colour and all of a sudden, the exterior of your home is going to look amazing. And it just isn’t.

Anyone who listens to my videos, I know I’m raving on and on a bit about this. Colour is important. It’s very important to get the colour right, and as you may know when you choose a colour from a swatch that big, it’s going to look completely different on your home. So, one thing is to get your colours right. The other thing is to do other things on your renovation. You know those design principles that I often talk about. So that’s creating a focal point, creating balance, creating cohesion.

I talked to somebody yesterday who had read one of my articles on the Domain Real Estate website, which I don’t know if anyone’s read those. I might see if I can pop a link somewhere or you can see it in the normal feed within the group page. But, he’d been reading that and I’d said something in a previous article about creating balance and actually framing around your property with a fence and anyway we got talking about things, and it turns out that a really big thing for his home (and for so many others that I talk to) is that the colour is just one small aspect and you can use your colour to create those things called focal.

The things I’m referring to like a focal point, creating a visual balance, giving us that contrast. So, the colours, yes, they are important in that way, but one colour or two colours in their own right–right, choose a colour slap it on everywhere–without consideration about the composition of those colours and the composition of other things.
So maybe something like a new carport or a fence or some landscaping or balustrading or a new entrance portico or any number of things, colour of windows, all kinds of things. And you can use your colour to create those different contrasts and to give yourself a really visually interesting but also well-composed, balanced, really nice to look at I’m going to say façade because that’s mainly what I do.

I hope that’s interesting. I’m sorry I didn’t give you colours and my title was misleading, but I knew that people would listen to this and I really want to get my message out that colour is only a small part of getting your renovation right.

That’s it from me. Have a lovely weekend, and I’ll chat to you again.

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