The #1 Problem for Home Renovators: Bridging the Gap between Aspiration & Application


Imagine standing on the brink of your dream home makeover, but held back by the disconnect between your grand vision and reality. This is the renovator’s riddle and I’m here to solve it (for your facade renovation, anyway!).

1. Gathering Ideas: Dream, Unrestricted
Start your facade renovation journey by creating a vision board. Use platforms such as Pinterest or Instagram to collate images that resonate with your aesthetics. Don’t constrain yourself at this stage. Let your imagination run wild – even if you have no idea how they could possibly work on your home. Save images of colour schemes, cladding, lighting, fences and landscaping – and everything in between.

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2. Discovering Dominant Themes and Colour Schemes
Once you’ve amassed a collection of inspiration images for your facade renovation, it’s time to analyse them. Look for recurring themes and colour schemes. Are you attracted to minimalistic, Scandinavian designs or bold, Bohemian aesthetics? Do you lean towards pastels or are you more of a monochrome aficionado? Discard images that do not align with the dominant theme or colour scheme you’ve identified. Clarity at this stage will help avoid confusion later on.

3. Identifying Your Preferred Style
After you’ve narrowed down the themes and colours, aim to pinpoint the exact style that you gravitate towards. It might be something well-established, like Art Deco or Mid-century Modern, or a more personal blend of various styles. Embrace it even if you’re unsure how it will fit into your home. Give it a name. Recognising your preferred style is the first step in realising your dream design.

4. Digging Deeper into Your Style
Using your identified style as a search term, delve deeper into specific design elements that define it. Look for more inspiration images for your facade renovation, focusing on details like architectural elements, materials, textures, and colour palettes. This will not only give you a comprehensive understanding of the style but also provide more focused inspiration for your renovation. The best exterior renovations have all the details – small and large – spot on.

5. Applying Concepts to Your Home
It’s time to assign these concepts to your home. Start by identifying parts of your house that can accommodate the design elements you’ve selected. It could be as simple as painting your door a certain colour or as complex as adding wooden beams for a rustic feel. It’s crucial to be realistic in this step to maintain a balance between your aspiration and what’s practically achievable.

6. Mock-Up Your Design
Now that you have a clearer vision, use a basic program like ‘Paint’ or more advanced software if you’re comfortable, to create a mock-up of your home’s exterior design. This will help you visualise the end result, make any necessary adjustments, and avoid expensive mistakes before you start the actual renovation.

7. Consult a Designer
Even after following these steps, you may find yourself stuck at certain points. This is where a professional designer steps in. Our expertise and experience can help translate your ideas into practical design solutions that can be effectively implemented in your home. Working with a designer will bring out aspects you hadn’t considered and help achieve a facade renovation that’s not only visually appealing but also functional and within budget.

Bridging the gap between what you want and what you have may seem daunting, but it’s certainly doable. By following these seven steps, you can successfully translate your dream exterior design into reality.

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