We recently engaged Jane on a renovation design for our home on the Sunshine Coast, and found Jane to be lovely to deal with, friendly, responsive, passionate and a great listener. She really heard our needs and wants and reflected these in our renovation plan, adding some great solutions. We have more confidence proceeding with our renovations because now we have an end vision and a plan to work towards. If you want your renovation to feel cohesive and need help making decisions we’d definitely recommend seeking Jane’s help!


Sunshine Coast, QLD

We purchased a house that was built in the 90’s that look like it had been built in the 80’s but had great bones being double brick, and all other aspects of the property were ideal for us except the façade! Along with a draftsman we were able to work on our extension and changing the existing floor plan. We completed this process, but my husband and I still couldn’t visualize how we could overhaul the exterior of the house and were at a total loss going around in circles with various ‘interior’ designers. I needed someone that would listen to my brief and create a visual of what we wanted. I came across Hotspace when online one night searching for answers and recalled I had found them years ago with my previous renovation and remember saying that I would use them if need be. I emailed them there and then. They didn’t come to site, nor did they need to after seeing what they created for us we were blown away! We could never have created what Jane and her team have created. Jane and Racheal are an absolute pleasure to work with, they listened, and they transformed. Not in our wildest dreams did we think this house could be transformed the way they transformed it and they hit every item on our brief. Creative minds are on another level and in our opinion were worth every penny. My husband is a builder and they know their stuff, it’s not just a pretty picture it is functional design that will work for the build process. Thank you Jane and Rachel I name drop Hotspace Consultants to anyone building or renovating now and don’t think I will want to sell this one.

Jennie and Dave Freedman

Bangalow, NSW

I was tired on my dull grey exterior. I contacted Jane at Hotspace, her & her team provided a very detailed and concise renovation plan. They researched my local area and discussed likes & dislikes all through the process. I think the design is fabulous and modern. I live in an area that requires body corporate approval. I just forwarded the plans & everything was approved quickly with no questions asked.
Would highly recommend Hotspace👍

Janine and Shane O'Sullivan

Safety Beach, VIC

I can’t recommend Jane from Hotspace highly enough. My husband and I have different taste and she combined both our concepts into a beautiful design. We definitely would not have been able to create such an amazing home without her direction and support. We didn’t know where to start so it was great to have the guiding hand of a professional to help us. Hotspace chose most of the finishes for our new home (we had chosen some already and they worked in with those). We knew the look we loved but weren’t sure how to achieve it. Jane took the worry out of our selections; we knew it would look great and so didn’t have to second guess ourselves. If we were to build again or buy another home, I wouldn’t hesitate to use Hotspace again to create a timeless design for me and my family.

Amit and Sneha Maharaj

Brisbane, QLD

Thanks so much to Hotspace for your guidance through my renovation.

Being in the building industry myself I was well aware that this renovation was never going to be quick and inexpensive but I have no doubt that your service saved me both time and money. Hotspace also made it possible for me to accomplish an end result that I had imagined yet found difficult to picture.

Your consultation reaffirmed my own ideas and extended upon them, and your expertise sorted these ideas into a precise format that I could follow with a fraction of the indecision that plagued me in previous building projects.

Hotspace does not conform to the expensive and exclusive stereotype of the design/decorating profession and I would not hesitate to recommend them, rather I would suggest that it would be impractical to undertake a renovation project without them.

Deam Carmichael

Sunshine Coast, QLD

We have no hesitation in recommending the services of Hotspace Consultants.
From the first meeting, Jane and Rachael listened and understood what we wanted from our renovation and provided a design that achieved the results we were looking for.
The design plan covered the areas discussed and used clever design ideas to achieve the look we were after. Jane and Rachael were able to bring a clear vision to the project while staying within the budget we discussed.
The Hotspace design plan nailed the vision of what we thought our house could look like.

Roy and Sue Fox

Brisbane, QLD

As first time renovators we knew what we liked but lacked the experience and confidence to pull it together. Jane and Rachael put our vision into a proper plan which gave us the confidence to make decisions and work towards a big picture outcome without second guessing and questioning ourselves every step of the way. Invaluable for us and if we were ever to renovate again, a design plan is the first thing we would do.

Nathan and Priscilla McKiernan

Brisbane, QLD

We were fairly confident going into our second reno, but decided to call on Hotspace again just to make sure. Jane took all our ideas and turned them into an absolutely fantastic design that we would never have been able to come up with on our own. We are in love with our home now and so grateful to have found such a talented designer to help us achieve it.

Pauline and Ray Davidson

Prahran, Melbourne

I found Hotspace Consultants to be very effective, although I was a bit hesitant at first to work only via photographs, phone and e-mail. But the results proved the process to be no problem in any way…all I had to do was make sure I took plenty of photos.

Hotspace were so helpful, available, enthusiastic and totally committed to maximising the value of my property, and in the most cost efficient way.

Sepi Tobias-Szabo

Dee Why, NSW

I can’t recommend Jane highly enough! Well worth the investment. She works with you until you are happy and leaves you with a plan that you can work through in your own time.

Lynda Downes

Newport, Queensland

We recently employed Hotspace Consultants to help us renovate our home.

Jane was extremely knowledgeable about design and renovations in general and easily tailored a solution specific to our property. She worked in with what was best to retain (otherwise expensive to replace) and gave invaluable information and advice regarding our options.

Within ten days we had a complete Renovation Design Plan which itemised everything we needed to do to upgrade the house; gain street appeal, create a warm, inviting feeling within and achieve a nice flow right through the property, including outside living. It simplified to us what had seemed a huge task and was provided in one easy to follow document.

Hotspace gave us the keys to make the most of our property. We did only what was necessary and cost efficient and still got maximum result. We saved money, time and got it right first time!

Cheryl Ware

Auckland, NZ

Consulting Hotspace was the best step I took during the entire renovation process. Their professional service is one of a kind and their know-how is priceless. Hotspace helped me to see even more potential in my property and make the right decisions to get the best out of the renovation. The detailed report I was provided was the perfect prescription to get me on the right track and prevent me from making costly mistakes. Hotspace relieved so much of the usual renovating stresses and gave me the tools and confidence to enjoy the process. I highly recommend the services of Hotspace to all renovators, both new and experienced. I’ll certainly Hotspace my next reno!

Anita Douglas

Mapleton, Sunshine Coast