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Warm Minimalism: A New Wave of Modern Home Design Ideas

Once upon a time, the allure of minimalism reigned supreme in the realm of modern home design; its primary principles included simplicity, functionality, and the extreme reduction of unnecessary elements. However, the resultant designs were often perceived as...

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Bring Your Brick Home into 2023 and Beyond

Your robust and low-maintenance brick home has its charms, but does it feel like you're stuck in the 70's? Does it need some character infusion? If you're considering updating your brick exterior but are unsure whether to render, clad, or keep the brick, then this...

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Exterior Home Design Can Be a Game of Roulette

Imagine driving down your street, catching sight of your newly built or renovated home, and cringing at the rookie mistakes you made. Ouch! Choosing colours & materials for your home exterior can be like a game of roulette. You hope & pray it'll turn out (and...

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