Morning! How is everyone today? I’m Jane Eyles-Bennett from Hotspace. Today I’m going to be talking about pool areas, pool design and outdoor living spaces. It probably sounds like a bit of a weird time to be talking about this, but now is when people are starting to think about building those areas for their homes ready for the summer.

So it just got me thinking about how you can really make an outdoor living space work so much better. Sorry, a pool and outdoor living space, really work together a lot better than just plonking on a pool. You can really create a link between the two, and what that visual link does is it creates flow from the, say, seating areas of the outdoor living to the pool itself. And why that’s important is if you have too much of a kind of… if it looks too different, then psychologically it sort of stops people moving into the pool area to actually have a swim. I know that sounds weird but it’s actually human nature that if there’s not a visual or a physical connection, it means that the space just won’t get used –  so, in this case, the pool.

So, how do we create flow between the two spaces? So let’s say we’ve got the outdoor living area and then you’ve got your pool area. One of the things that you can do is blend through the materials that you use. So let’s say you’ve got a deck. So you probably wouldn’t necessarily put decking right around your pool, but you can link through that material to somewhere around the pool so you’ve got that visual link. If you’ve got, let’s say pavers or tiles or something, then once again you can link those through. So there’s just sort of like a smooth line I suppose between the outdoor living area and the pool area.

The other thing that you can do is consider the direction of the materials. So, what I mean by that is where … let’s say once again you’ve got decking. You would do your decking from the.. towards the pool. So, the lengths of the planks would go from the house towards the pool, and what that does is it visually draws the eye there and then physically takes you there. And I know this all sounds a bit airy fairy but it actually is very true.

And the same thing with pavers or something like that. Maybe you get some rectangular pavers and you position them so that the long way is leading you towards the pool. So, they’re just two things that you can do.

The colour of the materials – again, linking that through, you know, whatever colours you use around the pool, have them around the outdoor living area too. Also the type of pool fence that you have so if you have a glass pool fence that is much less of a physical barrier because it’s completely see through between the outdoor living area and the pool. Even if you.. you know, if you have a handrail that’s another level of a physical barrier so the more you can have just completely clear glass, even just with spigots on the bottom that support the glass wall fence in place, all the better. Obviously that’s a bit more of an expensive option, but that is the way to get that sort of physical and um, what’s the word I’m thinking of, just that sort of connection, illusion of connection. Not even illusion, but you know what I mean.

Anyway, and look, if the budget doesn’t go to a frameless pool fence, you know, maybe you have to go to some other sort of pool fence. And typically, I would… if the budget is really low, I would always choose a black pool fence over, let’s say, a white pool fence because a black pool fence is much less, sort of, in your face.

But, anyway, so there are just some tips about creating a visual flow, and a visual, visual and physical link between a pool and an outdoor living area. It may not have ever been anything that you’d thought about but trust me, it really makes a difference.

And this is some conversations I’m going to be having this morning with this client where I’ve designed it already and we’re just going through a process of refining the materials and things with the pool builder.

So, anyway, have a great day. Probably won’t see you over the weekend, but yeah have a great weekend and I’ll catch up with you on Monday. See ya.