Good morning everyone. How are you? This is Jane Eyles-Bennett. I’m the founder of this group and an interior and exterior designer. I’m jumping on here today to talk about layout planning.

Before I go any further, please say hello. Great to see who’s watching. Also, a welcome to our new members. Great to have you here. We’re really growing. It’s awesome.

Today, I want to talk about layout planning. I got thinking about this because we have been working on a project this week and last week for a home where the lady has been planning her reno for about two years. She got to the point where she was kind of going around in circles and thought, “oh God, I need some independent help” and that’s how we (Hotspace Consultants) became involved.

Something that I’ve noticed here with this property and this client – and we get this quite a lot – is that maybe you come up with some ideas for your renovation (and in this case we’re talking about layouts, but it could be anything to do with renovations) and sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know. You’re in the house, not 24/7 but you live there, and you’re so used to it that sometimes you can’t see outside of the box I suppose. You know what I mean?

So, with this particular client, I’ll just talk about one of the areas that we are going to be reconfiguring for her or showing her how to reconfigure.
She had an area that was the laundry with a toilet off it and it was the only toilet in the house. So, laundry, toilet and then next to that was the bathroom. What we’re doing is we’re swapping them over so we’re still going to have a separate toilet, but we’re putting the bathroom on that side and laundry on this side. It means they’re going to have a much bigger bathroom. They have a separate toilet and they’re going to have a fantastic laundry which actually is in the old bathroom.

Now, in two years they hadn’t come up with that idea but for us it’s simple because we are looking at it from a “Where are the walls? What can we reuse? Where is the plumbing?” perspective. For us it’s a process of “Where could it go? Let’s have a play around to see where these fixtures and fittings could go. What’s the practicality of how that works?”

The knock-on effect of getting that layout right is just so profound for the use-ability of your house. So, if at the moment you find a layout isn’t quite right, I’m sure there is a different way to do it that doesn’t necessarily cost a lot extra.

There’s going to be extra costs, but the knock-on effect of having that really good layout, really practical, much more spacious, much more useable space is going to make your home more enjoyable. It’s going to make it more valuable. It’s going to make it less like a rabbit warren if it’s like that at the moment.

It’s worth getting the canvas right first before you start doing beautiful vanities and wall coverings and tiles and mirrors. Whether it’s in your bathroom or kitchen or whatever, you’ve got to start with the layout. You’ve got to get that right and it might not necessarily be what it is at the moment.

Okay, hope that’s helpful. If you’re there, say hi. If you need any help with your layout or any other part of your renovation, personal message me or just go to my website and have a look around there and get in touch that way.

Have a great weekend.
I’ll see you next week.

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