How to choose the colours & style for your facade reno.

Home owners all over Australia (& the world) turn to Pinterest and Google images for ideas about renovating their facade’s, in the hope of pulling together an acceptable upgrade.

But there are a million and one different styles, ideas, colours and concepts to choose from, so how do you know which ones to go with? Nothing screams ‘Devalued’ like a disjointed and aesthetically challenged façade, so getting these choices right is imperative.

No amount of money will improve the Kerb appeal of your home if you don’t get the basics of the design right first. The houses with the best street appeal are not so just because of their colour; they look great because of the materials and colour selections that have been used – and how these are composed together on the house, yard and fences.

Even if your budget is modest, a great design is still possible.

Focussing on one design style when renovating your façade is a great way to streamline your ideas and help eliminate ending up with a mish-mash of clashing elements and no unifying style.

A great place to start is by gathering design style ideas from Pinterest or Google images. This usually begins as an exciting project filled with anticipation about what is possible, but overwhelm can set in. Too many ideas, too little time to figure out which ones to use and whether it’ll all look good together!

The trick to identifying one design style or theme for your renovation is to start wide, then narrow down. Gather all the images you can find that you like. This might be 50 or 100 photos – or even 200 or more. Then narrow down to the prominent style in your collection and use that as your foundation or ‘Dream-style’.

You can then use this Dream style as the building blocks for your facade renovation design.

We cover this process in a lot more detail inside my Kerb Appeal Academy online programme, so if you need help turning your ideas into a finished, stunning design, then register below to join our wait-list (Doors open early October).

Catch you soon,
Jane Eyles-Bennett (Street Appeal Superhero!)