Good morning everyone. Friday morning. How are you all? My name is Jane Eyles-Bennett. I’m the founder of this group and I’m an interior and exterior designer. I like to jump on and give little bits of advice and information and tips and tricks.

So today, I want to talk about how to modernise the front façade of your home with just a few questions. Obviously, it takes more than a few questions, but it’s a really good place to start.

What are the questions for your façade design? One of the reasons I got thinking about this is because I’ve been working on a design for a lovely couple, Kat and Leon, who have been clients of mine for four or five years now. We’ve done about five projects together. I love working for them because they trust me and they say, “Jane just do what you think” and I think every time it’s worked out so far which has been really good.

I guess one of the questions I’ve been thinking about is why does that work? How do I come up with the ideas? I’ve been trying to work that out.

So one of the first things is I look at a property and I think what don’t I like about this? You might look at your whole property in its entirety and think I don’t like this, but a better thing to do is to sit back and go what is it I don’t like? Is it the brick colour? It the window frames? Is it the landscaping? Is it a combination of a couple of things? Or is it really the whole thing completely you don’t like?

And with Kat and Leon’s latest project, which is here in Queensland up at Moffatt Beach, one of the first things that they saw and that I certainly noticed was that the roofline was really jarring. It was sort of going up and down. And I’m going to post a photo of that under this video once I’m finished here so you can see what I’m talking about.

So, the roofline was really jarring and it was one thing that I didn’t like and that they didn’t like. In fact, the things I didn’t like were the things they didn’t like, so that was a good thing. And the next thing was the colour scheme. Then the next thing was – for me, but not so much for them although when I put it out to them, I think they agreed – was that the entry was fairly hidden around the corner and I felt that we needed to make it more prominent.

So that was really the three main things. The next question I ask and I suggest you ask, is what do you like about it? The things I liked about this property was that it was kind of a modern shape a little bit. There were things to be improved but I liked the kind of overall shape. It had a skillion roof, which is an angled roof, which was a little bit too sharp but not too bad. The canvas was okay.
Other things I liked were that there was a sort of a ramp that drives up to the garage. I quite liked that. It was unique. And I liked all the landscaping along the front of the house. So there was all those, but I thought there was still some tweaking that could be done.

The next question I ask is what style do you want? I always ask my clients to put together a Pinterest board to give me some idea of the style you like. So whether that’s for a façade, a kitchen, or a bathroom, or a pool area or whatever, I always take the lead from my clients. So for you, you might want to put together a Pinterest board of ideas and inspiration. You might not have any clue how that could fit into your home but it’s a really good place to start to really identify the style that you like.

So, that’s the main thing. So they had come to me with some design ideas. Because I know Kat and Leon fairly well and I know the style they like, then that was a little bit easier for me. But even if I didn’t, even if it was new clients I really dig into what you like, what sort of look you’re after, and then my job is to work out how to blend what you’ve got with what you want without it looking like mutton dressed up as lamb.

And that’s where someone with a bit of skill can do that. So I’ve been designing for 26 years and that’s my wheelhouse. It’s what I do, and I think that when you’re designing your façade, think about what do I want, what have I got, and how can I blend the two?

And so, it’s looking at those things you don’t want and working out how you can hide them. Then the things that you do like, working with them and then there’s the style that you want, working with that too.

So, I hope that’s helpful. I know it’s fairly broad questions, but I think it’s a good place to start – what do you like, what don’t you like? But look at those individual elements of the house. Don’t just look at it as a whole, as a complete picture because you’ll do your head in, you’ll spend way too much money and you can often work with what you’ve got to some degree, and you can still transform the house.

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