How to Modernise your Brick Facade Without Rendering


If you want to modernise the exterior of your brick home, you might think the only answer is to render. In fact this is the go-to for most brick home owners – simply because they don’t know any other way.

The good news is that there are other methods available. If retaining your brick is important to you (eg you like the bricks, you prefer the lack of maintenance, or you simply don’t have the inclination or budget to cover them up), here are some exterior renovation ideas for enhancing your home while maintaining its intrinsic beauty.

1. Introduce New Colours and Materials
One strategy to take some of the visual emphasis off the bricks is to introduce new colours and materials to certain features of your home. This could be on posts, entrance, carport, or any other area that seems fitting. Consider using cladding or small amounts of render in these sections. Cladding could introduce a different texture and colour to the facade, whereas rendering a small area can blend smoothly with the existing brick.


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2. Embrace Soft Landscaping
Soft landscaping offers an excellent way to tone down a brick facade. The brick, being a hard and potentially harsh-looking material, can be beautifully balanced by the softer, more natural appearance of plants. Incorporating plenty of greenery helps to blend the structure with its surroundings and creates a pleasant, welcoming aesthetic. Consider planter boxes around the house’s perimeter or use climbing plants to add a touch of natural charm.

3. Paint Trims in Neutral Contrasting Colours
You no doubt have plenty of exterior renovation ideas for your brick home, but painting your trims in a neutral contrasting colour should be at the top of your list! Whether you opt for a dark charcoal for a contemporary look, or a crisp white for a more traditional feel, it’s crucial that your choice complements the brick’s colour. Take the time to examine different paint swatches alongside your bricks to ensure you select a shade that harmonises with the existing materials.

4. Install Wall Lights
Wall lights can be another fantastic way to improve your brick facade. Not only will they add sparkle to your home during the evening, but they’ll also give pops of interest to your brick exterior during the day. Typically, the colour of the wall lights should match the trims to create a consistent and cohesive design.

5. Enhance Pathways
Don’t overlook the impact of pathways on your home’s exterior appearance. Instead of a solid, continuous surface that could add to the hard aesthetic, consider using individual pavers. They help to break up the path, making it visually more appealing and harmonious with the brickwork. Pavers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, allowing you to find the perfect match for your home’s style.

6. Coordinate Fence Styles
Your home’s exterior design should ideally extend to your fence, as this helps to create a unified look. When choosing a fence design, make sure it aligns with the style of your home and complements the accent details. If you’ve introduced cladding or slats, for instance, a similar element on your fence could work well. Alternatively, a fence painted in the same colour as your trims can further link the various aspects of your home’s exterior.

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