Exterior Home Design Can Be a Game of Roulette


Imagine driving down your street, catching sight of your newly built or renovated home, and cringing at the rookie mistakes you made. Ouch!

Choosing colours & materials for your home exterior can be like a game of roulette. You hope & pray it’ll turn out (and look great), but until it’s finished how will you know?

If you’re spending $70k+ on your Exterior Home renovation or extension (or building a new home), you’ll want to be 100% sure of your decisions before you press ‘Go’!

Here are some pitfalls to avoid on your colour & product selections journey;

Facade Design for a New build - before Facade Design Coffs Harbour

Attempting to visualise the ultimate look and feel of your exterior home design without a colour illustration:
 Even for professional exterior designers like Hotspace, a colour representation of the final design is essential and an insurance policy to ensure a stunning outcome. Without one, there’s a high probability you could end up with a design that falls short of your ideal dream home.

Blowing your budget, and then some: Stepping into the murky waters of costs and material selection without expert navigation could lead you to significantly overspend on your build or renovation. Without experience and knowledge of all the available materials on the market, you pay more for less, and achieve a result that could have long-lasting negative effects.

Missing out on a unique looking exterior home design: If your aim is to create a home that truly reflects your personality and taste, a generic, assembly-line design just won’t do the trick (eg project homes or basic DIY design). Your home could end up as just another face in the crowd as you unknowingly select common and uninspiring options.

Using products, materials and colours not suited to the style you’re chasing: It’s good to source options yourself and it’s a great way to determine your style, but choosing the right elements for your dream look, and then pulling them all together into a cohesive design, is more difficult than it looks.

Taking on the design of your home is a monumental task, and the fear of messing it up is very real.

A professional like Hotspace can be the safety net that prevents your dream home from becoming a nightmare!

Before you decide to go it alone, think about what you could be missing out on. A little professional guidance could save you a lot of long-term regret.