Exterior Design Wizardry – How to Use Optical Illusions to Transform your Home


Who knew you could use Optical illusions to make your home appear differently (better) than the reality!?

In the same way Fashion Designers make their subjects appear taller, shorter, wider, narrower, more elegant or more masculine, we can use optical illusions on our Facade renovation to give our home more presence.

Here are a few of the techniques I use when designing or redesigning my client’s Facades;

1. Making your House appear Taller –
Vertical cladding: Using vertical style cladding on part or all of the exterior of your home will instantly create an illusion of height. Your eye is drawn upwards, making the house appear taller than it actually is.
Pillars or columns: Adding pillars or columns near the entrance will give the illusion of increased height to the overall structure.
Slim, tall windows: If you’re able to change the windows, opting for a taller/elongated shape will help to accentuate the height of the walls.

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A hidden older home with a green roof, nestled down a driveway - awaiting it's new exterior design Renovated modern house with green roof, new cladding, fence, landscaping, and carport. Beautiful exterior design!

2. Making your House appear Wider –
Horizontal cladding or detailing: Using horizontal accents or cladding styles will help make your home seem wider
Accent colours on the horizontal: Using contrasting/accent colours or materials in horizontal format will visually lengthen the area. This could be a contrasting balustrade handrail for example, or a horizontal arch feature.
Remove as many vertical accents as possible: For example fences or landscaping that chop the house in two. Or any obvious vertical contrasting colours.

3. Making your House appear More Spacious –
Light colour palette: Opt for light-coloured exteriors as they reflect more light, making the house feel more open and spacious.
Large windows and glass doors: Install large windows and glass doors to allow a seamless connection between the interior and exterior, giving an illusion of a more extensive living area.

Remember, it’s not about deceiving the eye but about artfully crafting an illusion to enhance your home’s best features and downplay its less favourable ones!

If you’ve tried to update your home or simply have no idea where to begin, send me a message via the methods below. Please include a photo of your home, email address and phone number.

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