A lick of paint can transform your home like nothing else. But it’s actually not always necessary. In my profession as an exterior designer I’ve had lots of clients come to me asking for help with exterior paint colours to improve their home.

There’s only one problem. When you paint the house and do not much else, it remains exactly the same. It’s the old house with a different outfit on! Many times, it’s not the paint colours but all the other details that are the problem.

Take this house for example. My client came to me asking for a new colour to paint the render. But at $30k+ for a paint job (let alone scaffold in this case), I knew there was a better way.

[twenty20 img1=”7524″ img2=”7523″ width=”100%” offset=”0.2″]

Instead of repainting the entire house, that money (plus more) was spent on other details like the garage door and surround, new window detail, landscaping, hardscaping lighting and yes, one coat of paint (the same colour).

So before you just in and repaint your entire house, see if there are other changes you can make instead. Is the colour really that bad or is it the other features that are letting it down.

If you think you could work with the colour but have no idea how to otherwise improve your home’s façade (and would like to investigate getting my help), send me an enquiry here.

Jane Eyles-Bennett x

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