Ditch the Dullness!

Freshen up your Facade with a 90 Minute Make-Over from Hotspace.


Do you ever drive past other houses with envy, thinking “Wow, that’s gorgeous”, then come home to a feeling of disappointment and frustration with your own?

Now you can experience the thrill of seeing your home take on a fresh, updated look, right before your eyes – during this 1:1 Exterior Home Make-Over Design session [Video call] – and never feel disheartened about it again!

Say goodbye to the hassle and expense of traditional home renovations, and say hello to a simple cosmetic transformation that will leave your home looking stunning and modern.

You’ll be amazed at the simple changes that can transform your home, as we collaborate together ‘Live’ to create a striking look that reflects your unique vision and personality.

Whether you simply need help ‘pulling together’ a partially-established colour scheme and finalising the details of your renovation, or you have absolutely no idea where to begin, your 90 Minute Make-Over will give you the reassurance you need to keep going on updating the exterior of your home.

At the end of our session, you’ll come away with a full colour mock-up of your home’s new exterior and a list of the exact colours and products to create it (see an example here).

We’ll decide on your exterior walls, windows, doors, roof, trims, entrance, landscaping, paths, driveway, fences, mailbox or anything else you’re stuck on.

You’ll receive a recording of our session too, so you can refer back to it whenever you need.

Your 90 Minute Make-Over session will pay for itself 10x over – literally – because of all the time and money you’ll save (not to mention how stunning your home is going to look!).

Ready to fall in love with your home again?


*Suitable for budgets under AU$50k
**Australia-wide service