Ready to give the front of your home a fresh new look? Follow these 6 steps and exterior renovation ideas from Street Appeal experts Hotspace Consultants and start planning your perfect renovation.

1) Stand on the street and take a photo of your house to get a full perspective of the area to be renovated.
2) Print out the photo and sketch on it to visualize potential changes.
3) Look at Pinterest for inspiration and focus on houses with similar architecture.
4) Make a list of everything you want to change, dividing it into aesthetic and maintenance categories.
5) Create a budget, taking into account both big-ticket items and smaller details.
6) Begin with the maintenance items and then move on to aesthetics.

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Some additional tips!

>> Don’t just focus on colours and landscaping; look at the combination of materials used to achieve a particular look.
>> Write out a definitive list of everything you want to do, including both immediate and longer-term projects.
>> Find out costs for your renovation through online research, talking to friends who have renovated, and contacting tradies and hardware stores.
>> Don’t be afraid to ask for help from professionals like Hotspace Consultants to ensure your renovation is a success.

If you want to know exactly how to beautifully modernise the outside of your home, send me an enquiry at and I’ll be in touch.

Jane Eyles-Bennett