Good afternoon. How are you? Jane Eyles-Bennett here from Hotspace. Friday afternoon. Almost drink of wine time, I think. Say hi if you’re there and got a drink or not. Just say hi. It would be great to see who’s there and on the line.

Today I’m going to talk about tiles or timber flooring. Today I’ve been in an appointment with clients at Graceville who are building a new home. As you know, I do mainly renovations but, every now and then I work with new home builders which I’m doing a little bit of at the moment as well.

So, what is their problem? Tiles or timber? He wants tiles, she wants timber. So what do you do? From my point of view, I come across this sort of thing a lot where you have two different people in the equation and they want totally different things. I’m often a bit of a counsellor of sorts in this situation. I never like to take sides, but of course I always have my opinion on things.

So, I suppose their fear is what if it doesn’t look any good, what if we pick the wrong one, what if we choose the wrong colour, what if it’s hard to maintain, what if it just feels wrong, what if it looks wrong?

So, things like tiles are really hard on the floor. They can be quite hard on your back, but also they’re quite practical in terms of how you can maintain them. And then there’s timber – a little bit softer to walk on, not soft obviously, but a lot easier to walk on, better on your back, looks beautiful, nice and warm, but there’s the practicality issue. And this client today has a dog and that was their fear about using timber.

Anyway, there are some really good quality timbers out there and that’s going to be the trick with this project, to choose a good quality one.

My tip for you is, if you’re choosing between tiles and timber or between one thing and another – and there’s always going to be choices you’re going to have to make during your renovation – I think you need to make a list of pros and cons. The pros of the particular product or surface or fixture or fitting or whatever and what are the cons. Particularly if you’ve got a husband and wife with different opinions of things. Check it out, yes, because what it looks like is really important, but look at those other factors as well. Go into some show homes because really, a thing such as flooring, you do not want to get that wrong.

You know, a typical house is going to be 10, 15, 20 grand to redo the floors. That’s a lot of money to spend choosing the wrong one.

Anyway, if you need a hand, need to work with someone, want to work with me on your renovation, you know that you can just PM me anytime. Anyway, have a great weekend. I can see there’s a few of you there and no one has said hello yet, naughty people. Anyway, have a lovely weekend and I shall talk to you next week. See ya.