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Ryco Mototorsports specializes in turn signal/horn kits for ATVs and ATVs as well as dual sports kits for motorcycles. They have some of the best signal kits in the industry and offer plug-and-play solutions for easy installation on your commute. Road-approved UTV kits are the perfect upgrade to bring UTV from dirt to the sidewalk. Small countries like New Zealand have agricultural laws that make side-by-side vehicles and other off-road vehicles like the Can-Am Maverick X3 legal for driving on roads and public roads. Without the right Can-Am Maverick X3 accessories for the road, even in places where laws and regulations are lax, you can still be limited in the speed at which you can drive your Maverick X3 on public roads and in the distance you can drive your Maverick X3 on public roads. In states like New York, you`re allowed to drive UTVs on the road as long as they weigh 1,000 pounds or less, which is a bit too light for side-by-side vehicles like the Can-Am Maverick, Maverick Sport, and Maverick X3. In other countries, you can take a look at your Can-Am Maverick X3, turn on a few side and rear mirrors, install road tires, and register your Can-Am Maverick X3 as a car so you can drive it like any old car. However, in the United States, laws about road-legal SUVs vary from state to state and even from county to county. But if there is a will, there is a way.

And with the help of Everything Can-Am Offroad, you get exactly what you need to get your bike ready and 100% legal on the road in no time! The Ryco 8103A Street Legal Kit includes front turn signals with accent headlights, uses factory taillights for braking, a turn signal switch mounted on the steering column, with a license plate mounting material with four turn signal settings and an LED light panel Suitable for Can-Am Maverick X3, X3 Max, 2018-2020 Can-Am Maverick Trail, Sport, Sport Max States such as Wyoming, Montana and South Dakota allow drivers to get a driver`s license for their Can-Am Mavericks X3 for on-road use. But to display your newly issued license plate, you`ll need a Can-Am Maverick X3 illuminated license plate holder! Other states only allow you to display your numbers on the DNR registry label, and some states leave it to the constituent jurisdictions to determine whether or not you are allowed to drive on major roads, secondary roads, or no roads at all. Many municipalities are beginning to allow UTVs on designated roads. So while you may not be able to explore Main Street at full speed with your soundbar, you may be able to take the roads that connect one trail network to another. On the other side of the token, regulations are sometimes issued against the legalization of road UTVs, so it all depends on where you drive. You may need to inspect, title, and register your Maverick to be legal, or you may just need to fill out light paperwork! Whatever laws you drive and what Can-Am Maverick X3 road accessories you lack, at Everything Can-Am Offroad we can sort through you with everything you need. From Can-Am Maverick road tires and DOT windshields to plug-and-play turn signals and horn kits for the latest and greatest Road-Certified Can-Am Maverick X3 accessories at very discounted prices, your retailer of choice must be an expert in All Can-Am Offroad! In rural areas, as long as you`re not stupid, most police officers who aren`t on an electric trip will leave you alone if you drive a UTV responsibly on sparsely populated roads. But with the exorbitant cost of fines for unregistered vehicles, it`s certainly not worth the risk, especially if you`re driving outside the state or in areas where you`re a foreigner. So leave the game for you when you`re at the casino and don`t take any risks with your side by side equipping it with all the legal street bells and whistles that local law requires! EQUIPMENT: Can-Am Maverick X3 & X3 Max 2017-2020 Plug & Play Easy Installation Fits Can-Am Maverick X3 2 & 4 Seater Max Models Plug OEM Brake Light Wiring Harness, with Factory Brake Lights Comes with Front 3/4″ – 3 LED Flashing Laser Engraved LED On Emergency Hazard Switch Rear Hazard Switch For Optional License Plate Light Automotive Horn and Push Button Made in USA! XTC Power Products is a leader in UTV cabling solutions. From our Plug & Play product range comes our TSS turn signal system (patent pending). The system comes with a marine switch that activates the turn signal system and also displays it with a flashing arrow.

It is easy to install, without cutting the wires and without crimping. The system comes with prefabricated harnesses connected to the OEM harness, just unplug the plug from the car`s taillight harness and plug in our harness, it`s as simple as that. Brake lights work like turn signals like a car, including hazard lights. Since these vehicles are mainly used for off-road use, the illuminated dashboard switch is more convenient than the bulky cornering levers that come off. It includes an illuminated hazard switch and a rear power output for the license plate light or light whip. XTC Power products are manufactured in America. XTC brings you wired for fun! Off-road vehicle conversion is not legal in all states. Check local regulations for specific requirements in your area. Can-Am X3 2020 + Turn Signal Instrument Cluster Wiring Harness Adapter Allows TSS to use XTC OEM turn arrows Some cyclists want the absolute minimum of Licensed Can-Am Maverick X3 accessories to get their platform licensed and nothing more. But accessories such as mirrors, horns and turn signals are required by law for a reason.

They have a purpose, and the Can-Am Maverick X3 Road Approval Kits help you drive on and off the road. For example, if you`re navigating tight turns on busy roads, a rapid horn warns oncoming drivers of your presence, reducing the risk of a head-on collision. Security flags work in the same way, only by vision and not by sound. Mirrors may be mandatory under the law for legal driving on the road, but they will also save your neck from having to turn and turn throughout the day to see what`s going on behind you. In addition, turn signals have off-road applications like signaling to your friends and other drivers behind you to slow down or prepare to turn. In addition, some Can-Am Maverick X3 road homologation accessories are also a requirement for entry into certain off-road parks. If you want to make your Can-Am Maverick X3 legal on the road, Can-Am Maverick X3 road homologation testers are non-negotiable. But even if you`re mostly lagging behind, Can-Am Maverick X3 road homologation accessories can still prove beneficial! No matter if you`re in Texas, Florida, California or Michigan, you can get the Can-Am Maverick X3 Street Legal Kits, Can-Am Maverick X3 Street Legal Products and Can-Am Maverick X3 Street Legal Parts you need at Everything Can-Am Offroad! We can sort you through Road Approved Can-Am Maverick X3 tires, Road Approved Can-Am Maverick X3 Windshields and Road Certified Can-Am Maverick X3 Kits that come with mirrors, turn signals and a horn! * Can-Am does NOT have turn signal indicators in the instrument cluster/digital display on some models. A Dash Indicators harness (part #3PINDI) can be ordered with a kit at no additional cost. UTV / ATV UNIVERSAL PLUG & PLAY FLASHING KIT by SuperATV. Item #8103A – (Accent Lights) includes 2, Front Accent Light Turn Signal -WHITE Signature Accent Lights with AMBER CHASE Pattern Turn Signals.

Replace the accent lights or vehicle signature lock signs with the Ryco Moto Accent/Signal lights to get a flashing white light that flashes yellow when the turn signal is on. * PLEASE NOTE THAT THE 8002 ACCENT LIGHTS THAT COME WITH THIS KIT WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE UNTIL THE END OF OCTOBER, THEY ARE CURRENTLY BEING RESTOCKED. WE APOLOGIZE FOR ANY INCONVENIENCE THIS MAY HAVE CAUSED.* XTC PLUG & PLAY POWER OUT FOR LICENSE PLATE OR WHIP LIGHT – 2013-2018 CAN-AM MAVERICK **CURRENTLY, WE HAVE NOT INSTALLED YOUTUBE VIDEO FROM THE STANDARD 8103 OR 8103S KITS. HOWEVER, YOU CAN CHECK OUT THE UPDATED 8103A KITS WITH ACCENT LIGHTS BY CLICKING ON THE FOLLOWING LINKS: Power Control System with Strobe – Plug & Play Six Circuit Wire Harness with Strobe for Maverick X3 – by XTC Can-Am Maverick X3 Plug & Play Turn Signal Kit (4 LED Kit) by SuperATV. To calculate the overall star rating and percentage distribution by star, we do not use a simple average. Instead, our system takes into account, for example, the current rating and whether the reviewer purchased the item on Amazon. It also analyzed the reviews to verify reliability. The Ryco 8103 series offers 3 different kits to choose from. Each available with different front traffic light options. Please note the image for each detail of the kit. Customer reviews, including reviews of product stars, help customers learn more about the product and decide if it`s the right product for them. The turn signal kits for the Can-Am Maverick offer the ability to switch from 3/4″ orange indicators to our Ghost Signature Light replacement lights with dual-color lights.

OEM lights have only three white LEDs at the base that illuminate the light front. Our all-new Ghost Signature lights go even further with white/yellow two-tone LEDs that extend the entire length of the light (not just the bottom) and feature a matte lens to smooth and diffuse the luminous flux (they are shiny!). In addition, the LEDs that indicate orange rotation are divided into six sections that gradually widen the light upwards, giving your Maverick an individual but functional look! Item #8103 – (Standard Kit – contains six.3/4 ” LED FRONT SIGNALS (3 for each side) If you have any questions, please contact our customer service at or (208) 292-4172.