Facade Renovation Ideas

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One trick for renovating your home’s facade

@hotspaceexteriordesignau Finally finished! Before & After 90's home renovation. #exteriorrenovation #renovation #colour #renovationproject #exteriordesign #homeimprovement #exteriordesigner #homemakeover #federation ♬ original sound - HotspaceExteriorDesignAU

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Masculine vs Feminine Facade’s

If you’ve read some of my previous articles about doing up the façade of your house, you probably recognize there is more to creating a beautiful façade than just choosing the right colours. By now, you would understand the importance of...

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What colour should you paint the outside of your house?

...don't be mad when you hear my answer! Hello. Good afternoon. How is everyone? My name is Jane Eyles-Bennett, and I am the founder of this group and an exterior designer. I’m an interior designer too, but I do mainly exteriors. So today,...

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How to Modernise Your Brick Home without Rendering

How to modernise your brick home without rendering Hi, today I want to talk about how to modernise your brick home without rendering. So, before I get into that, I just want to introduce myself. I’m Jane Eyles-Bennett, and I’m an exterior...

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Renovating before you sell. How far should you go?

Good morning. How are you? This is Jane Eyles-Bennett. I’m the founder of this group, and I’m jumping on today to talk about renovating to sell. When you are renovating to sell it’s so hard to know where to spend your money, how much to...

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