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Renovating with Kids

Jane Eyles-Bennett - Friday, November 24, 2017

In my business, I help home owners work out the look, feel and overall design of their renovation rather than the physical implementation. Lucky me - for the most part, my clients manage their own renovations; including navigating the ins and outs of renovating with their children in the picture. If this is you too, I’ve come up with a list of things that should make the process easier. (Read More)

Five ways to quickly make-over your home

Jane Eyles-Bennett - Monday, October 30, 2017

With all the home improvement shows on television, it’s hard to resist the urge to makeover your own home. But how do you modernise your home without blowing the budget? What areas should you focus on? What tricks do the experts use? (Read More)

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Hotspace were so helpful, available, enthusiastic and totally committed..." I found Hotspace Consultants to be very effective, although I was a bit hesitant at first to work only via photographs, phone and e-mail. But the results proved the process..

Connaught Ave, Blockhouse Bay, Auckland, NZ

We knew that light, fresh colours would help lighten and brighten this small, badly lit unit and so recommended everything they needed to do to get that effect. Increasing the perception of space creates a more pleasant environment to live in - and therfore a higher perceived value to the property. A Renovation Action Plan gave this client all the action points to follow as they carried out their renovation - easy!
The guys in this photo bought the lower unit to renovate and then sell for a profit. On approaching the property, it is not clear that the lower part of the block is separately owned from level one. In order to give the unit it’s own identity, without spending a fortune, we recommended that they paint the lower part of the block a dark colour. This gives a sense of separateness from the other unit and together with the new canopy, creates a modern, appealing property that sold in just a matter of weeks.
We suggested an ‘off-the-shelf’ vanity for this combined laundry/bathroom. Simple changes create a more user-friendly and modern bathroom area.
Here's a neat trick! We recommended to our clients that they move the threshold strip between the lounge carpet and kitchen vinyl toward the kitchen. This gives the appearance of a larger lounge space and a more 'in proportion' kitchen. Lighter (yet still practical) flooring colours further lightens this internal space.
Small scale furniture used to dress this property for sales gives the appearance that it is more spacious!
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