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Wow factor on the Home Front

Jane Eyles-Bennett - Tuesday, October 17, 2017

A well-designed home has something that sets it apart from other houses in the street. It’s usually a combination of several factors that work together to create a bit of a ‘wow’ moment when you first see the house.  (Read More)

Selling up? Home Make-Over tips - where to stop and start

Jane Eyles-Bennett - Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Homeowners wanting to do a makeover on their home before selling, often fall into the trap of the snowballing renovation. You know the sort, it starts with just doing up the bathrooms, but that makes the kitchen look out of date, so you have to do that too.  (Read More)

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Wildflower Street, Sunshine Beach, QLD

Our clients' primary goal was to increase the value of this property in order to return a higher yield. In just 4 weeks of renovating they totally transformed this 2 bedroom unit and increased their rental income from $265/week to $350/week - an increase of just under 25%! One of the things we advised them to do in their Renovation Action Plan was to 'tweak' the older style kitchen. For just $2,000 + appliances and flooring, the new open plan lighter, brighter kitchen provides a modern centrepiece for the property.
Re-using the existing kitchen doors saved our client a lot of money. And as you can see, by doing the right things to the adjacent surfaces (in this case the bench-top, door handles, splash-back and flooring), the space is modernised regardless.
An off-the-shelf vanity, new wall and floor tiling and a new shower screen improve this bathroom hugely - and of course contributes to our clients' ability to charge $85/week extra.
The existing entry was dull and dark. By using the lighter colours and re-surfacing the right areas in the right colours it appears much more modern and inviting (just what you need in an entry space where the first impression is key).
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