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Wow factor on the Home Front

Jane Eyles-Bennett - Tuesday, October 17, 2017

A well-designed home has something that sets it apart from other houses in the street. It’s usually a combination of several factors that work together to create a bit of a ‘wow’ moment when you first see the house.  (Read More)

Selling up? Home Make-Over tips - where to stop and start

Jane Eyles-Bennett - Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Homeowners wanting to do a makeover on their home before selling, often fall into the trap of the snowballing renovation. You know the sort, it starts with just doing up the bathrooms, but that makes the kitchen look out of date, so you have to do that too.  (Read More)

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... the perfect prescription for avoiding costly mistakes". Consulting Hotspace was the best step I took during the entire renovation process. Their professional service is one of a kind and their know-how is priceless. Hotspace helped me to ..

Tradewinds Ave, Coolum, QLD

I don't think words can describe this transformation! Our client bought this property to live in for a year and then renovate to eventually sell.

To make sure she spent her money on doing just the right things to raise the value of the property most significantly - and to design the property in a way that was most appealing to potential buyers, Samantha called on Hotspace to prepare a Renovation Action Plan for her.
Being located reasonably close to our offices, we visited the property in person to review the property with Samantha. Her brief was clear; she wanted to totally transform the property (in line with the neighbouring few properties) and sell for a BIG profit.
Everything Samantha needed to guide her in the right direction was included in her Renovation Action Plan. From concept designs for the new facade, to all interior and exterior colours, to bathroom and kitchen specifications and layouts, to the smaller details of lighting, window dressings, accessories and landscaping.

Have you got a property you could use our 'fresh opinion' and design capabilities on? If so, send us a 'Preliminary Enquiry' or give us a call.
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