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Modernising a brick home - no rendering required

Jane Eyles-Bennett - Thursday, June 22, 2017

Do you have a brick home that’s in need of a bit of a facelift? Perhaps the colour or style of brick is starting to look a bit dated and in need of modernising. Most homeowners assume the only way to update a brick home is by rendering it, but there are other ways. (Read More)

How to choose the colours and finishes for your home

Jane Eyles-Bennett - Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Probably the best part about renovating or building is choosing the colours and finishes. It’s exciting to have the freedom to choose exactly what you want, isn’t it? But it can be a bit overwhelming too. (Read More)

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Having owned several residential and commercial properties, I consider this to be potentially one of the best returns on investment." I recently employed the service of Hotspace Consultants to provide a design consultation for the interior and ext..

Jones Parade, Coolum, QLD

Sam bought this property in Coolum, Queensland to renovate for a profit. She had plenty of her own great ideas but needed an experts eye to pull the design together and make sure she didn't spend any more money than was absolutely necessary. We advised her of the design details such as colours, materials, fixtures and fittings - as well as the areas to reno and the bits to leave alone.

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Renovation costs were $70k including some structural work on the interior, a new deck, new kitchen, painting, flooring, lighting and window dressings throughout, landscaping, fencing etc.

Total costs on this property were $485 including purchase price and renovation costs and she has subsequently decided to furnish it then holiday-let (getting $992 per week).
Do you know where to start and stop with your renovation? Most people spend more money than they need to and get less of a return than what is really possible. Going backwards financially is easily done if you're not careful. For a very reasonable fee, Hotspace can set you up for success by preparing you a purpose-designed (specifically for your property) Renovation Action Plan. See the tab above for more details.
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