Renovation Action Plan


A Renovation Action Plan gives you an area by area, item-by-item breakdown (in list format) of exactly how to renovate your property. It includes all the colours, materials, fixtures and fittings you'll need to know for the interior and exterior - including walls/doors, floors, lighting, kitchen, bathroom/s, landscaping, driveway, fences and much much more... Everything you see - even down to the letterbox! We'll not only tell you what TO renovate - we'll also tell you what NOT to renovate (almost as important).

Updating your home can mean one of two things; a total overhaul or a light make-over - or perhaps for you it's somewhere in between. We've helped over 600 property owners transform their homes with all sorts of renovations. Whatever your property is like (big, small, older, not-so-old, completely had-it or just needing a new lease on life), whatever your intention (to live in for the long term or perhaps sell) and whatever your budget; Hotspace can help. We're located in Brisbane but work with properties all over Australia.

Renovate with Confidence

For peace of mind that your renovation outcome is just as you'd envisaged; some sound advice from a very experienced team of interior and exterior design experts is a must.

We'll show you how to get the style you love, working with the 'canvas' that is your existing home, including;

Confirmation or redirection of your own ideas
- You'll no doubt have some of your own ideas, so we'll steer you in the right direction; confirming your best ideas, introducing new ideas and tweaking or eliminating the rest.

ew ideas and custom designed recommendations - We'll introduce new design and renovation ideas to really maximize the result you're able to achieve. Remember, we are trained designers so we will show you how to modernise your property in your style (if that's what you want), creating a functional and gorgeous home that you'll love to come home to.

Spend what you want to spend - We know that most people don't have an unlimited budget, so we'll tailor your renovation to achieve an outcome you love without breaking the bank.

One-on-one support - Many of our packages include telephone, sms and email support which can be used any time during your renovation.

Which Package is best for you? A Renovation Action Plan or a RenoBlaster?

We provide detailed advice to you in the form of a Renovation Action Plan, which includes detailed recommendations/specs that you can follow as you implement your renovation. Some people call it their Renovation Bible! Depending on your property and the package you chose, these recommendations and specs may include; Internal/external wall colours, roof, landscaping, driveway, fences, entertaining/outdoor living areas, Interior flooring, kitchen (cabinetry, bench-top, appliances, splash-back etc), bathrooms (vanity, shower, bath, tiling/wall or floor treatments, toilet, mirror, taps etc), lighting, window dressings - and much much more.     

On average, we help our clients;

  • save around 15-20+ hours of shopping around / deliberating / researching ideas and renovation costs
  • add $15,000 - $30,000 more value to their property than going it alone without help from Hotspace


Ready to find out more?

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