Checking out what’s happening underfoot in your home or Investment Property can quickly reveal why it is looking tired or out-of-date. Flooring has a drastic influence on the overall appearance of a property.

Updating your flooring can refresh a room, breathe life into a space, offer a general feeling of cleanliness and to top it off boost the value of your home.

Carpet comes in all shapes and sizes – well, all colours, textures and compositions! One of my favourite types of carpet for homes and Investment properties, is a Solution Dyed Nylon. I love that it is soft under foot, hard wearing but also not too expensive. A with all carpets it does come in different grades. Often, I’ll specify a mid-grade Solution Dyed Nylon with a top-quality underlay. Don’t under estimate a good underlay! There are other compositions of course, including Polyester, Polypropylene and wool, but I normally stick to the Nylon types.

If you have timber floorboards or decided to rip up old carpets to find them underneath, they might be a little worn and torn. Give them some TLC by having them re-sanded, stained and resealed. The list of what you can do with floorboards is endless, it’s up to you and your interior design, but also consider painting (if in bad condition), waxing or lime-washing them, just to name a few.

Floating Floor
Don’t have floorboards, but wish you did? How about a floating floor, which unlike floorboards are snapped or glued together over basically any hard surface like concrete or ceramic tile. These can give you the option of the timber finish without the price tag. Timber of course is a lovely option, as is Bamboo. Another one to consider is Laminate. However, be very careful when selecting a laminate brand (cheap ones can look very cheap very quickly!) and make sure your installer is a seasoned professional.

Paint doesn’t just belong on the walls and ceilings, its applications are wide, and you can paint a floor to update, especially if you’re limited by budget. Have some fun with paint and consider a pattern, like a checkerboard, to really spice up a room.

Clean tiles look great! Dirty ones not as much, and often we leave our tiles too long without some love and attention. Before you start to look at replacing them, give your tiles a solid scrub and steam, getting rid of that grim build up in the grout. You won’t even realise how dirty they were until you’re done! If there’s no saving your tiles and they’re a little worse for wear, choose a modern and fresh tile that is going to stay on trend for a long period of time. I find a nice neutral very light coloured warm grey/beige is a great option. Go for a larger tile (depending on the size of your house); usually a 500x500mm or larger for open areas such as lounge, dining, hallways and kitchen.

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