Frequently Asked Questions

I have a good eye for design. Why shouldn't I DIY my own renovating plan?

There is a lot at stake when you're in the throes of a renovation. When spending upwards of $20,000 - $30,000, guidance from a professional designer and renovation expert is a very smart move. For a very small fee, you'll have the peace of mind that everything you're doing and every dollar you're spending is part of a big picture plan for a 'wow' looking property with no $$ wasted!


What are your prices?

Prices do vary according to your property and how much of it you're renovating (and therefore how much you require assistance with). Our clients are always pleasantly surprised when they find out our prices! Check out the various consultation packages we offer and then give us a call for a no obligation, no pressure chat about pricing for your particular property. Phone us on 1300 908 890 or complete our Preliminary Enquiry form here.


I'm afraid of over-spending my budget. How can you help?

You may by now have seen that one of our biggest motivators is to have you renovate your property tastefully AND within your particular budget. We always take the renovation costs in to account when advising what you should do to your property - whether you're going for a Renovation Action Plan or a 'RenoBlaster' package. However, a Renovation Action Plan offers much more detail including estimates on all anticipated renovation costs. Whether you're DIYing or paying professionals to do the renovation for you, you'll always know how much to spend on each component and area of your property. This means avoiding going over budget so that you can complete your entire renovation without running out of money. Take a look at the bottom of each of the pages on the example Renovation Action Plan on our Consultation Packages page.  

I can pay a regular colour consultant to help me with my renovation – why should I use Hotspace?

Colour has a very important role in effectively updating a property. However, it takes a lot more than a few nice colours for a transformation to happen. If you're only painting your walls, then a colour consultant is all you need. However, if you'll be upgrading or even just 'tricking up' your kitchen, bathroom, exterior or flooring then colour is only small percentage of the choices you'll need to make. A renovation consultant (like Hotspace) has a deeper understanding of construction methods and limitations, so will be able to give you more thorough and justified advice.

I want to sell! Can you help me quickly and inexpensively refresh my property?

Advice from Hotspace is just the answer for updating your property prior to selling. We have lots of great tricks up our sleeves for preparing your property for sale - and have helped hundreds of sellers re-design their properties easily and without spending much money at all. If you're planning an extensive renovation, a Renovation Action Plan would be the best option for you. However if it's just minor modifications you're after, a RenoBlaster will be a god-send! Check out the options here.  

Our builder says he will give me advice about my renovation. Why is using Hotspace any better?

There are hundreds of possibilities or potential renovation ideas for every property. Builders do generally have great ideas, but it's the pulling of the ideas together to create a cohesive, designer looking renovation on a pre-determined budget that they may not be quite so good at. Also, the more you spend on your renovation with a builder, the more money he makes. A Renovation Action Plan is an excellent tool to give to your builder to follow - to let him know exactly what you want him to do for you.


Our property manager tells us not to bother renovating as they don't anticipate a rental increase as a result.

Your property manager may be looking at your property from their perspective, not yours. If your rental income increases even $50 - $100 per week as a result of your renovation, then they will only earn an extra $4 - $8 per week in fees. Consider a few of the knock on effects of adding value to your investment property; The ability to use the equity to buy another property or go on holiday etc, or have a lower loan-to-value ratio.  

Using a designer is a luxury isn't it? This is a budget renovation, so why should I use Hotspace?

Using a designer is luxury when it is expensive - which Hotspace advice is not. We'll show you how to re-design your home or investment property for a fraction of the expense of any uptown designer!

We are building a new home. Can you help with colours and product selections?

Yes definitely - we often work with home owners and property developers to ensure their new build will turn out every bit as good as they'd envisaged! Whether you have a clear idea of what you want - or no idea at all, we will work with you to create a design you love (and most importantly adds value to your property).  

What's the difference between renovating a rental property and my own home or one I'm planning to sell?

Good question! There is a huge difference that has a real impact on the decisions you'll make throughout your renovating process. A rental property needs to be super durable and particularly low maintenance. A property you are selling, on the other hand, need not necessarily have this long term durability. Or, if you're renovating your own home, then you'll want more input into the process to fulfill your own personal likes and dislikes. Getting renovation guidance from Hotspace eliminates the guess-work no matter what type of property you're renovating. We are experienced with all types of property and know just the right advice to give for your situation.  

Why should I renovate before putting my property on the market? My real estate agent says not to bother and to let the buyer do their own renovation.

Any Real estate agent wants your listing straight away – not in the future some time, so a renovation is going to really get in the way of that! If you want your property sold faster and at a higher price, then invest some time and money up front on a mini make-over to revitalise your property. You have one chance to impress potential purchasers. Other properties for sale at the same time are your competition so you need to be at the front of the pack. Find out more about renovating to sell here...

Do you give structural advice or just cosmetic?

We primarily offer cosmetic renovation advice including colours, flooring, kitchens, bathrooms, landscaping etc. However, we do also offer some layout guidance. Since we are very experienced interior/exterior designers, but NOT qualified architects or building designers, we are restricted to the advice we offer here. We suggest you first contact someone qualified to advise on which walls could be removed (eg a builder) and then pass that information to us so we can provide layout options that best suits your property.


I have a property I'm thinking of renovating. How do I know if you can help me?

Send photos of your property to Jane - together with your phone number and we'll call you for a chat. A quick phone call will soon ascertain:
- How much your property might cost to renovate
- What a Renovation Action Plan or RenoBlaster will cost for your particular property


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