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Wow factor on the Home Front

Jane Eyles-Bennett - Tuesday, October 17, 2017

A well-designed home has something that sets it apart from other houses in the street. It’s usually a combination of several factors that work together to create a bit of a ‘wow’ moment when you first see the house.

So how do you create the same thing with your own house? It’s not as elusive as you might think and usually revolves around three things: fences, focal points and landscaping.

Have you ever seen a poorly framed picture? One where the frame detracts from the image rather than enhances it? The fence on your property does the same job as a picture frame. Get it right and you will have a beautifully framed property, but get it wrong and everything will look a bit off.

A word of warning – just because a fence on the internet looks great doesn’t mean it will suit your property. Your fence needs to link in some way to the architecture of your house. I don’t mean you have to install something from the 70’s just because your house was built in that era, but you can take one element from the architecture and use it on your fence. It creates a cohesive look and provides an overall harmonious aesthetic appeal.

Focal Points
Creating a focal point is one of the secrets of a well-designed home. Focal points can be created through porticos, front decking, planter boxes, tile and timber features or paved areas. The purpose is to draw the eye in and lead the viewer to the entryway. 

Some ‘front’ doors are situated at the side of the house. If that’s the case, it makes sense to create a focal point around that area. Focal points do not always need to be directly in front of the house.

Don’t go creating too many focal points around the property; it will look too busy and distracts the viewer. Decide what you are going to do as your main focal point and choose the best way to create it based on the architectural style of the house.

Landscaping can go a long way towards improving the aesthetic appeal of a house. Take a good look at your existing landscaping and decide what needs to go and what can stay. Are there areas that could be pared back? Are there areas that are a bit barren and could do with a few plants to soften the scene?

Try to choose plants that will visually balance the property. Balance does not always mean everything has to be symmetrical. Rather, it is about balancing the visual weight of things. For example, a dainty timber cottage will suit fine, slender plants whereas a heavy brick house would be better off with big chunky plants with thick, glossy leaves.

Your landscaping should work with the fence, the focal point and the finish and materials your house is made of. If plants are butting up against a charcoal colour or a dark brick, choose plants with a lighter colour so they don’t get lost in the background. If the backdrop is a lighter shade, choose darker plants.

A lot of landscaping can be done with grasses and non-flowering plants such as Cordyline or Xanadu. Non-flowering plants create a more structured design but will still add colour and variety if you choose wisely.

As the old saying goes, first impressions last the longest so have a bit of fun and create your own ‘wow’ moment.

If you're struggling with what to do to your house front, our First Impressions Renovation Action Plan will give you a step-by-step design to follow - to really give it that wow factor. It's amazing what you can create when you know how! Check out our pricing and packages page here for more details.



Renovating your Home or Investment Property?

Home renovations are on the up and up - thanks to all the TV shows and other media outlets such as magazines and the internet.  But is it all that it's cracked up to be? TV makes it look so easy (renovate a kitchen in 2 days, transform your garden in 24 hours - we wish it was that simple!).

If your home or investment property is on the wrong side of 15-20 (years old) then you have a great opportunity to update and modernise it. But without experience on your side, things can (and often do) go really wrong - going over budget, not ending up with the style or look you'd imagined, problems with trades-people, time-frames blowing out - and the list goes on.

Hotspace can help

Hotspace offers one-on-one Exterior and Interior design advice to home owners and property investors.

Property Investors; Our sole aim when working with property investors is to show you how to add as much value as possible - while spending considerably less than it appears when the renovation is completed (ie: spend $1 to add $3-$4 of perceived value). As Interior Designers, we love colour. But colours are only a tiny portion of the information you need to successfully renovate for profit.

Home owners; If your home is old and tired and in need of some renovation love, then we'll show you how to create beautiful and comfortable spaces. We've worked with over 500 property owners on all sorts of properties, so we've (almost) seen it all! We'll help you re-design your biggest asset - often for less $$ than you might think. And as award winning interior designers, you couldn't be in better hands.

The key to renovating your home or investment property without breaking the bank

Whether a full overhaul or a quick facelift, Hotspace will guide you towards your ideal renovation, including;

A second opinion on your plans and ideas - You'll no doubt have some of your own ideas, so we'll steer you in the right direction; confirming your best ideas, introducing new ideas and eliminating the rest.

New ideas and recommendations - We'll introduce you to new renovation ideas to really maximize the result you're able to achieve - ensuring you tastefully revamp your home in ways far beyond what you would have considered yourself. Exterior and Interior Design is our forte!

Spend less on your renovation - If you're afraid of your renovation spiraling out of control, sticking to a reasonable budget just became a reality (yes it is possible!). We'll give you specific guidance on how much or little of your property to renovate given your budgetary expectations. Some of our packages even include budget breakdowns for your entire reno.

Increase the equity in your home or investment property - You can add value and increase the equity in your home or investment property by spending less on your renovation than the value it adds. We'll show you how.

Money back guarantee - Investors; double your renovation investment or we'll refund our fee in full - No questions asked. Note: Our clients typically triple their renovation 'spend' investment so this guarantee is a no-brainer for us!

One-on-one support - Many of our packages include telephone, sms and email support which can be used any time during your renovation.

Which Hotspace Consultation Package is right for you?

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