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"... the perfect prescription for avoiding costly mistakes".
Consulting Hotspace was the best step I took during the entire renovation process. Their professional service is one of a kind and their know-how is priceless.

Hotspace helped me to see even more potential in my property and make the right decisions to get the best out of the renovation. The detailed report I was provided was the perfect prescription to get me on the right track and prevent me from making costly mistakes. Hotspace relieved so much of the usual renovating stresses and gave me the tools and confidence to enjoy the process. I highly recommend the services of Hotspace to all renovators, both new and experienced. I'll certainly Hotspace my next reno!


Anita Douglas - QLD

"We saved money, time and got it right first time!"
We recently employed Hotspace Consultants to help us renovate our home.

Jane was extremely knowledgeable about design and renovations in general and easily tailored a solution specific to our property. She worked in with what was best to retain (otherwise expensive to replace) and gave invaluable information and advice regarding our options.

Within a week we had a complete Renovation Action Plan which itemised everything we needed to do to upgrade the house; gain street appeal, create a warm, inviting feeling within and achieve a nice flow right through the property, including outside living. It simplified to us what had seemed a huge task and was provided in one easy to follow document.

Hotspace gave us the keys to make the most of our property. We did only what was necessary and cost efficient and still got maximum result. We saved money, time and got it right first time!

We highly recommend Hotspace .

Cheryl Ware - NSW

"Hotspace does not conform to the expensive and exclusive stereotype of the design/decorating profession..."
Thanks so much to Hotspace for your guidance through my renovation.

Being in the building industry myself I was well aware that this renovation was never going to be quick and inexpensive but I have no doubt that your service saved me both time and money. Hotspace also made it possible for me to accomplish an end result that I had imagined yet found difficult to picture.

Your consultation reaffirmed my own ideas and extended upon them, and your expertise sorted these ideas into a precise format that I could follow with a fraction of the indecision that plagued me in previous building projects.

Hotspace does not conform to the expensive and exclusive stereotype of the design/decorating profession and I would not hesitate to recommend them, rather I would suggest that it would be impractical to undertake a renovation project without them.

Dean Carmichael - VIC

"Having owned several residential and commercial properties, I consider this to be potentially one of the best returns on investment."
I recently employed the service of Hotspace Consultants to provide a design consultation for the interior and exterior of a three bedroom investment property in Coolum Beach, Queensland.

To create the maximum rental or resale value, I considered this property to be challenging being a plain brick and tile house with a tired interior.

Hotspace managed to find the X factor. Through their experience and desire to create an exceptional outcome, Hotspace used numerous tricks and ideas that enabled me to create a special living environment within a modest budget.

Having owned several residential and commercial properties, I consider this to be potentially one of the best returns on investment.

I would highly recommend Hotspace consultants to anyone who wishes to freshen up their family home, or their investment property to achieve highest rent, or maximum resale value.

John Warren - QLD

"Hotspace were so helpful, available, enthusiastic and totally committed..."
I found Hotspace Consultants to be very effective, although I was a bit hesitant at first to work only via photographs, phone and e-mail. But the results proved the process to be no problem in any way...all I had to do was make sure I took plenty of photos.

Hotspace were so helpful, available, enthusiastic and totally committed to maximising the value of my property, and in the most cost effective way.

Sepi Tobias-Szabo - NSW

"...fantastic results without the massive price tag."
Having Hotspace do a tailored Renovation Action Plan for me was a life saver. We had had a bad experience with some tenants who destroyed our property - but being armed with my Hotspace design report, it made it a lot easier and faster to arrange new floor coverings & paint etc as I did not have to think about colours or what to put where.

I would highly recommend their service to anybody who wants fantastic results without the massive price tag.

Tegan Butler - WA

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