Your Home Make-Over


Transform your home into a haven you'll love

A cosmetic reno or make-over on your older style home is happening soon and TV shows like 'The Block' and 'House Rules' have you chomping at the bit to get started!

A light, bright, modernised home where you and your loved ones can hang out, relax and recharge is top of your wish-list.


So many ideas

Of course, you have plenty of ideas. Too many (right?). Trawling the internet for inspiration is starting to lose its shine and you're going round in circles (right again?).

You're hoping all your ideas will fall in to place soon!


Simple steps - Designing and Planning your home make-over

You'll be pleased to know that the design and planning of your home make-over or cosmetic reno doesn't need to be as complicated or confusing as you might think. Creating a home you absolutely love can actually be a very simple and streamlined process when you know how.


The Challenge

The challenge is that there is no one-size-fits-all answer to home renovations. Every house is different and so too is every home owner. Your style and colour preferences, your priorities, your family's requirements and your budget are all going to be different to the next person.

No wonder piecing together all your ideas feels like a puzzle.


A Step-by-Step approach

With 25 years experience and over 600 clients under our belt, we know a thing or two about home make-overs and cosmetic renovations.

We guide you, step-by-step, through the minefield of how to modernise your home. Whether you have $30,000, $130,000 or $230,000 to spend on your home improvements, we have a service to suit you.        



What we do for you

We show you how to modernise your home in a style that you love but feel you can't pull together on your own. You get a detailed, area-by-area, item-by-item 'Renovation Action Plan' of every single colour, product and detail for your reno. No more traipsing around Bunnings or trawling the internet for hours on end wondering which colours and products to choose!


See an example Renovation Action Plan here (pdf).


We Design It. You Make It happen

With your detailed Renovation Action Plan in hand, you can now jump straight into organising and implementing your renovation. The bottleneck of 'what' to do has gone; so now you can just make it all happen.


How much is it?

Our prices start at $890+gst. Click here for more detailed pricing.


Like to know more?

Click here to arrange a free telephone consultation to see which of our services is right for you.

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