Building your new Home

It's been a long wait but it's getting closer – you're about to start building your new home! It's such an exciting time; almost every waking moment spent thinking about how you’re going to furnish and decorate it. You want spaces that are both attractive and functional, practical yet inviting: spaces that beautifully encapsulate everything that home means to you.

Do you envisage an entertainer's dream or a hermit's retreat? A couple's haven or a sprawling family home? Somewhere cosy and warm, or urbane and edgy? Will it be light, bright and sophisticated or a little more laid back and relaxed?

Whatever your concept of home, you know firm decisions on style, finishes and furnishings need to be made. You’ve scoured the internet and created Pinterest boards and Ideabooks with hundreds of images and ideas that speak to you. Now all you need to do is choose the colours and products that will breathe life into your dream.

The idea exhilarates you. It scares you too. You've invested so much time and thought into this, but the sheer range of options available have left you feeling overwhelmed and confused. How do you choose just the right colours and finishes to create the outcome you've envisaged? You can't afford to get this wrong. What if you finish your build and don’t like it? What if you spend all that money and are not 100% happy? What if your ideas differ from your partner’s? How can you come up with something that satisfies both parties?

There's a lot at stake here, isn't there? What you'd love is someone who can extract and refine your ideas, then create a design that fits the image of home that has danced around in your head for so long.

Input from an interior designer would be fantastic, but that might bring its own problems. What if they talk you into something they love but you don't? What if it costs the earth and you hate it? What if the designer has such grand ideas that the cost of your build doubles overnight?

You feel like you’re going around in circles.

Take a deep breath. Help is at hand.

Imagine someone who can decode and fine-tune your ideas; a designer who can help you create a home that is on-trend but that won't date quickly; Neutral and blank-canvas-like, but certainly not boring! And most importantly, create for you a subtly unique home that truly reflects your personal style.

Sound out of reach? It's not. The Hotspace ‘We Design it, You Make it Happen’ concept offers clients the opportunity to access top-notch interior design assistance without the usual expense. We can prepare an easily understood Design Plan that provides details of all the colours, finishes and products for any or every cosmetic aspect of the build, inside and out. All you have to do is liaise with your builder to implement them.

You can have a ‘designer’ home that is cohesive, attractive and 100% your dream home. After all, you're spending upwards of $300,000-$400,000 on the build, so you should absolutely expect that!

With 25+ years in the design industry, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience on everything to do with colour and finish selections for new homes and renovations. We design so that your home will always look good, and fashionable items like furniture, accessories and artwork can easily be updated at minimal cost should you choose to do so.

So, if you’re building a new home and considering getting some professional design help, contact us now for a sample Design Plan and a fixed, up-front quote.

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Our client base is populated with fantastic, genuine, hard-working homeowners who trust us to help them see their dream home realised. But don’t just take our word for it; take a look at some of the comments left by our happy clients.
"I can't recommend Jane from Hotspace highly enough. My husband and I have different taste and she combined both our concepts into a beautiful design. We definitely would not have been able to create such an amazing home without her direction and support. We didn’t know where to start so it was great to have the guiding hand of a professional to help us. Hotspace chose most of the finishes for our new home (we had chosen some already and they worked in with those). We knew the look we loved but weren’t sure how to achieve it. Jane took the worry out of our selections; we knew it would look great and so didn’t have to second guess ourselves. Hotspace also helped us pull together the furniture and décor for almost every room in the house. If we were to build again or buy another home, I wouldn't hesitate to use Hotspace again to create a timeless design for me and my family".


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