Building a new Home


You’re building your new home (finally!). It’s been on your bucket list for a while – and now it’s happening. Your plans are almost finalised. Now it’s time to think about your colours and finishes for your kitchen, bathrooms, floors, walls, living spaces and exterior areas.


Cosy and warm, or urbane and edgy?

You know the general aesthetic you want for your new home. It’s attractive and inviting, modern and functional and a place that’s unique to you.

Will it be light and bright, sophisticated and moody or a little more laid back with beachy-feels?


Too many ideas

You’re not short of ideas. In fact, you have hundreds of them. But you’re worried you’ll end up with an incohesive mess of colour choices.

Input from a qualified interior & exterior designer would be fantastic, but hubby says you can do it yourself (yes, we know!).

Except you’re paralysed; too scared to make final decisions for fear you’re going to stuff up the interior and exterior look of this; your dream home.


Take a deep breath. Help is at hand.

We take your ideas, introduce our own and create a beautiful, unique and contemporary home design that you will never see anywhere else (least of all on an episode of ‘The Block’!).

It’s your design; but better.


We Design It. You Make It Happen.

Bringing your colours and finishes to life couldn’t be simpler. Hand our document to your house designer or builder to implement directly or add the specs to the construction drawings. You’ll have the freedom to shop around for suitable products if you want to or leave it to your construction team to manage the whole process.


Check out our pricing here or get in touch via our Preliminary Enquiry page here.

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